Thursday, November 27, 2008

rude awakening

i lost close to an hour of sleep this morning. all thanks to either me being a light sleeper (though i don't exactly think so) or that the noise coming from my snack stash was too disturbing to ignore.

i was torn between snuggling deeper into my blanket, forget about the sound coming from the rousing of plastic bag and checking out what was it that was making that noise.

frankly speaking, i knew what it was. experience taught me that this is something i cannot ignore. it just took me sometime to decide if i wanted to face the 'enemy' or not. i think i heard it at about 5.15am, and i thought it was a figment of my imagination. so i just dozed off but not entirely. then i heard the sound again and again. it was like some 5 mins interval. so finally, i decided to turn on the torch on my handphone to check it out. it was then that i saw a tiny weeny roach of less than 0.5cm scurrying across my bedroom floor. conveniently, i found so used paper and pressed it to it's death and i knew i was in for more.

6th sense told me that it was too easy, when i shone the light further to where my boots were, i saw the moving antenna of a big roach (prolly 10 times the size of the tiny one). i was calm and needed to source for something sturdy to smack it to it's death. i found 8 days! (didnt even remembered that i had it) but when i was about to strike, it was nowhere to be found. Darn, i freaking let it escaped or so i thought and i realised that it couldn't be the one making that noise, or could it? Then another rousing of the plastic confirmed my suspicions and made me realised that there was one in my snack stash.


i shone the light into the bag and there i saw it. i had to think of a plan as to how to get it out, or should i even get it out. so my strategy was to take the bag nearer to me (i hate that!) and see if i can find it's location. Having found it's location, i saw the roach lying on it's back. Ahah! So it was injured of sorts (but i remembered it trying to climb out of the bag desperately, earlier.) so i rolled up the 8 days mag real tight and firmly smack it to it's death. Impressed with myself, it was a 1 strike and instant death kinda thing.

thereafter, i removed all the snack and used the plastic bag as a burial 'ground' for the roach. I didn't want to open the rubbish dump for the fear that more roaches appeared. i went back to check on my boots and saw that big roach was 'hiding' beneath the soles. i thought, man! This is too easy and used my feet to press the sole down. darn, the bloody roach managed to escape and i couldn't find it!! i was hoping it didnt venture further into my small room and wished it had moved to the kitchen instead.

to cut the story short, it finally appeared in the kitchen whilst i was brushing my teeth (yeah at 545am) so this time, without much hesitation, i terminated it with the insecticide.

i am so not a happy woman this morning! GRRrrr!!!

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