Thursday, November 27, 2008

of drinks and company

drinking without great company? Well, please just forget it.

what's a memorable drinking experience (other than getting drunk) without laughter, jokes, casual talk, suaning one another and talking about an unlikely future and making fun of it, thinking that it will not come true, but somehow it may?

oh, i'm sure you know what i mean.

other than the happiness of getting a level of 'highness' from the alcohol, being able to talk louder, feeling very much uninhibited, slightly or very much bolder and in some sort of surrealism which is an excuse to say exactly what we think and make a joke out of it after the whole sesh, i think it's the peepz you are with who makes the whole drinking experience entirely different and very much unforgettable!

i havent drank for a long time, not since my birthday. these days, i hardly need a weekly fix of alcholic high, but i do crave for it occasionally. that's when cece and me have a bottle or two of beers in newton together with the see hum, chicken wings, kailan and cheng teng thereafter before we head to catch a movie or after we watched our movie. sometime, it's still kinda different when you have a whole group of peepz drinking together and cracking funny jokes and stuff.

tonight's sesh with a group of colleagues in tampines reminded me of those unforgetable days. i miss those days where people laughed whole heartedly, where people dont' freaking get offended by some sort of jokes you crack, where people just enjoyed the chilling out with friends and/or colleagues and share a piece of their life and thoughts and some little harmless gossips.

somehow, i miss that lots.

gone were the days where i looked forward to every friday of drinking activities. gone were the days where the gang will hang out on a weekly if not a bi weekly basis. somehow, the synergy went away with the one who's no longer with us during this period of time.

they say absence makes the heart grows fonder. couldn't be more true.

tonight, i met new peepz and had lots of uber happy laughter. 3 bottles of beer was pretty nice. made me slightly high to be happy of sorts and not as tense as compared to the earlier part of the day. i truly had the time of my life :D

looking forward to another sesh with these funny peepz. just curious if it will happen. heh they also say good things happens only once, that's why they are good and people treasure them..

we'll see..

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