Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CRF chocs - reviewed

having spent $28 on 3 bars of chocs, i sure had some high expectations. maybe i'm not a chocolate connoisseur and am just happy with the mass market cadburry chocs with nuts. the $28 spent was hmm what can i say, below expectations and not gastronomical at all.

each bar of chocolate is divided into various sizes. it ranged from small to medium, large to x-large and then super huge (though the whole bar is not that big.) It's pretty different from the usual division and it would have worked pretty well coz basically, it has taken into consideration as to whether one would like to eat a big piece or small piece depending on how much chocolate high one wants to get. Unfortunately, because the bar is wrapped in a see through cellopheye plastic and sealed at one end, you basically have to eat through the large sizes, the medium and then you'd reach the small. so what seemed like a good way of dividing ends up in not allowing consumers to choose unless they plan to devour the whole bar at one go. But in that case, how the bar is divided doesn't exactly matter anymore.

now comes the verdict.

yam with almond

when i opened the package, i can smell the yam. when i popped the the choc into my mouth, i could only taste chocolate. can't taste the yam, can't smell the yam, there's basically no yam when the choc is in the mouth. the almonds.. hah, pathetically small bits here and there. not really that satisfying.


this was a huge disappointment. i thought it was going to be a layer of melted Parmesan cheese in the centre of the bar. unfortunately, i was wrong. the cheese came in harden bits. very little bits. regardless whether i bite the choc bit by bit or put one whole chunk into my mouth, i can't taste the cheese. it was a gimmick i felt.

Black sesame

kinda understand why this is the best seller. first of all, it's white creamy chocolate. the black sesame as a slightly strong taste out of the other two flavors i bought. this means that i can taste the creamy white choc as well as the black sesame and they compliment each other well to a certain extend. however, i think the black sesame could be thicker and more pastey. something like when you bite, the black sesame paste will just kinda ooze out. it will be wonderful!

overall, only one passed out of three. 2 of my colleagues agreed that it's not worth the bucks. if they want to charge such a price, they ought to be more generous with their fillings. bits and smallish pieces doesn't bring out the taste of both ingredients. i will still go back to get the lychee martini flavor, just so to simply satisfy my curiosity.

But, give me cadburry anytime and i'd chow it down or savour bits of it with huge chunks of almonds. with or without the flavoring of yam or cheese, i really don't care!

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