Tuesday, November 18, 2008

old skin and flower sea

sheesh, i can't revert to my own skin anymore.. erm actually i can, but because the old skin has too many junk codes, i have to figure it out and change it accordingly.

damn sad ah!!!

i finally managed to listen to Jay's latest album. there's a song i super like. listened to it like dunno how many times since i heard it. the song literally translated is called 'Flower Sea' - 花海.

I liked it coz of the melody which caught my attention, trying to identify that instrument he used for the opening. the imperfection of Jay's voice when he sang the song, coz i think some parts his voice kinda break of sorts. there's this part of the lyrics which i like as well.


sounds damn sad.. hehe.. and his out of the blue 'wooo' which he used to do in some of his older songs.

anyway, it's going to be the next song i'll be singing in any karaoke session :)

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