Wednesday, November 19, 2008

movies i wanna watch!!!

was in town on Sat and was walking around isetan scotts. saw the upcoming movies and i wanna watch many many!! I also came back and dowload like tons of trailers in my itouch so that i can watch them whilst on the way to work.

The Spirit coming on Christmas day

From Frank Miller. Similar in the style of 300 and Sin City. Very dark and very cool. Saw the trailer which i downloaded into my itouch. the effects look spectacular and there are quite a few big names in the movie. Lots of babes too. I wonder who is the guy who is acting as the spirit. looks cute even behind the mask. His name is Gabriel Macht and the only credits that rings a bell is Behind Enemy Lines, and i never watch the show before. Though i think i have the dvd.

then we have the babes. Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson and dunno who else.

Samuel L Jackson plays the villian Octopus.

With Frank Miller as the director, i'm sold already. coz i like 300 and Sin City. Very impressive.

Bolt opening 4 Dec 2008

John Travolta being the voice of Bolt, i'd watch it. plus the effects in the trailer were pretty amazing!

Bedtime Stories opening on Xmas too

coz got Adam Sandler, bound to be 'innocently' funny haha.

Another Frank Miller show, The Watchmen.. looks damn cool.

Seems like there are going to be quite a couple of comics adaptation genre shows. There's also the Punisher.

The Day the World Stood Still

Coz got Keanu Reeves and he came from outer space.. erm a good looking and emotionless alien i guess.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Should be interesting man..

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Hmm.. baby born looking old and as he starts growing older, he looks younger. Brat Pitt stars together with Cate Blanchet. No need to ask questions like. With an interesting story like this, i wouldn't wanna miss it.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Primarily coz i am a shopaholic and i wanna know why the book was such a best seller. Also coz i refuse to read too many chick lit. But i am always game for chick flick. heh

Harry Potter and the half blood prince

Just wanna know what happened to Harry. I stopped reading the series and decided to watch the movie instead..

How to lose friends and Alienate people

Think this is going to be hilarious! Kirsten Dunst and some brit guy. Watched the trailer and he's the guys who does and says everything wrong.. haha!


Supposed to be uber hot and about Vampires. Cute looking vampire.. :)

Underworld: Rise of the Lycan

So far the underworld series are ok. This one looks damn big scale. May catch it bah..

Bride Wars

Another chick flick. About how two best friends drove each other crazy when they decided to have their wedding on the same day!! Haha cool man!

Yes man!

Jim Carrey is a guy who always says no. Until one day he started saying YES and couldnt stop saying YES to everything!


Animation about this weird old man who decided to fly his house with the use of balloons and i am talking about loads of them!!

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