Sunday, November 16, 2008

checklist strikeout!

okie i got the screen protector for the itouch.. but sighz, not the best laminating job i have done.

bought it for a price of $35 for two, one got discarded coz it was contaminated with dust. well, i'd have save one if i knew the measurement of the screen protector and my plastic casing werent exactly complimentary in terms of sizes, as such, i started to use another one..

to cut the story short, i basically didnt have much choice but to cut the screen protector so that it fits.

i hate to do this kind of lamination.. anyway, $17.50 just fluttered away like that..

sad man... i could have gotten a top for this price..

on the bright side, my itouch has a screen protector now.

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