Wednesday, November 26, 2008

mac. yakitori. chocs. laksa.

it's an unhealthy day for me. wonder if it's due to being too TL the day before and needed some sinful rush, thus packed on the carbo and the fats to night. Or that i simply forgotten about my calorie intake for the day. anyway, i'm not sure. just that, what's done is done. tomorrow can be a fruitty day.

the list of unhealthy stuff i had today.


sausage mc muffin


yakitori bento

during meeting, i ate the chocs i bought yesterday which i will review later..


sour plum red tea with pearl

the only healthy stuff which i had eaten for the day is during lunch when i had my fruits before the bento. the rest of the stuff, haha sinful like hell!!

i must say that getting the laksa for dinner was an impulse move. i happened to meet my bro when i took another alternate route to board bus 196 at the bus stop opposite the esplanade. was hoping that boarding before the suntec stop will give me more chance to board any 196 which arrived.

Unfortunately, i had too high hopes for the freaking lousy bus system and the bloody irritating passengers who refused to move up the elevated platform, of which i can blame on the darn pathetic and unfriendly interior design. all these coupled with a bus driver who did not bother to announce to the passengers to move back, the first bus which arrived could not be boarded. this then resulted in me swearing out loud displaying my displeasure and of course, it's of no use as we all know. those idiot freaks in the bus just stared back at you as if they are innocent! morons!

anyway, we managed to board the 2nd 196 which arrived about 6 to 8 mins later. bro and i finally decided that we alight at parkway and get din. when we reached parkway, i still could not decide what i want to eat so i asked him to recommend. we ended up in the basement food court and even then, i couldnt decide what i wanted to eat so bro suggested mee rebus. i walked one round and ended up ordering laksa.

it was definitely sinful, but comforting to a certain extend. for a price of $3.80 i am impressed with the following.

1) Presentation - the reasonable sized bowl displayed all the ingredients i'd be eating. the abundant strips of fish cake, one full sized hard boiled egg, entirely raw see hum (cockles), lots of bean sprouts and finely chopped and sliced laksa leaves or issit curry leaves?

2) Soup - pretty thick gravy with very little floating chilli oil. Every scoop you swallow, you'd taste the finely pounded hay bee (dried shrimp) which is mixed nicely with the coconut cream. Add it with a tinge of just enough spiciness (i didnt add extra chilli) the soup i must say, is HEAVENLY!

3) neverending slices of fish cake - for the price i paid, i think i ate more liao than the thick bee hoon. the fish cake was firm, smooth, chewy and slightly crispy on the skin. it was yums! the bean sprouts were really added texture to the whole dish with it's crunchiness!

4) the nicely chopped and finely sliced curry/laksa leaves - usually, i don't eat these coz i didnt think they compliment the whole dish. today i forgot to ask the counter staff not to add it and it was too late. but it was a nice surprise! these leaves didn't overpower the taste of the dish. in fact, the way they were sliced so finely, makes it very interesting that sometimes i taste it, sometimes i dont. it was wonderful!

i guess the above 4 highlights should make anyone wanna try it. the name of the shop is Goody n Jolly. their best seller is supposed to be the curry chicken and the mee rebus. do try it when you are in parkway one day. No regrets! Err, no regrets might also be because bro and i walked home instead of taking the bus. so erm.. i got some exercise :D

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