Sunday, November 16, 2008


As expected, the revamped project is kinda sucky. I'm not able to get exactly what i want, in that the ahem, picture of the sunset shot cannot be adjusted to the size i wanted.. full width of the screen... hmm.. dunno why. I guess i can only explore again next weekend. though i am partially pleased with the greens and the black. the sunset shot is from dan shui in Taiwan. Very pretty place.

so not looking forward to the coming work week. sounds like it is going to be crazy. just keeping my fingers cross bah..

i finally managed to find all my jay chou's CDs and have uploaded the songs into my itouch!! very happy except that there's only 1 album i can never find and it's got one of my favourite Jay's song.. Ban Dao Tie He inside. I've really got to be more careful with my CDs!

Surprisingly, my 3 CDs shelf slot from ikea was just enough to contain all my CDs. I still have space for DVDs and boxed CDs. Thank goodness!!

I wanna get some accessories for my Apple Macbook and itouch. I've already gotten a cover for the itouch. Things i want to get:

1) Macbook cover - Saw one from NUM but not cheap. Will explore again.

2) Screen protector for the itouch - My finger prints are everywhere lor.

3) Rubber pad for the Macbook

4) Podium for the Macbook

That's all for the moment. It's prolly going to set me back by $200? Should be ok bah.. so far this month, i have not purchased any clothes or shoes. Hopefully i won't get distracted and buy clothes again.

Running off to eat my favourite chicken rice hehe :)

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