Monday, September 22, 2008

homemade ground coffee bean scrub

couple of months back, i brought back some top grade coffee from Vietnam. I guess it must have been a day of inspiration of sorts, i took the grounded coffee bean after brewing the coffee, and rub the grounded bits against my fingers. i realised the texture is good for homemade scrub.

what i did thereafter must have been pretty reckless. i took the left over grounded coffee bean and brought it into the bathroom, deciding to use them as a scrub. this was with the thought that spas here are using grounded cocoa beans for spa treatment as well.

so i added my favorite liquid soap into the grounded beans and started scrubbing my whole body with it. the end result i must say i was super lucky in that i didnt know if i'd be allergic to the whole thing or not, i just lather my whole body with the mixture. ok, i was saying.. the end result was fantastic! my skin was super duper smooth thereafter and i smell like.. erm coffee! but i was really delighted with the whole scrubbing sesh! I can feel my skin silky smooth and the effect was amazing!

i washed my body again with normal liquid soap to get rid of the coffee smell. it felt wonderful!!

now, whenever i have finished a cuppa of vietnamese coffee, i'd keep the leftover to use as my weekly body scrub. it's cheap, it's better than any off the shelves scrub which are expensive if you want the texture of what you get from the grounded beans if not, the cheaper version simply does nothing to your skin at all.

so the next time you go vietnam, remember to buy their coffee and keep the leftover coffee for your next body scrub! :)

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