Sunday, September 21, 2008

a simple birthday..

ok, so my blog's like pretty dead.. it's prolly nearly struck by virtual death, thanks to the lazy owner.

thing is, i find it so tiring to type and type, it's like everyday at work is also typing and typing.. i have so many ideas, but so lazy to type. so my ideas prolly went into some hidden data bank in my brain of which i prolly will never be able to find it ever. oh, plus the fact that my cpu died on me didnt make things any easier or better.

i've more or less decided to get an itouch and a macbook. gee.. i've become like an apple convert.. dunno man, just thought that the touch can make it mobile for get in touch whenever there are free wi fi and the macbook will prolly help me safe some space in my tiny room. anyway, on with my birthday.

the celebration was a small one, i had the gang turning up except for poor cece who fell terribly sick but gave us an excuse to tell her that she officially owed us 10 beers for not responding to our calls and smses.

I think the interesting thing about this celebration is that the peepz just come and go and i have surprised peepz whom i've not seen for sometime happening to end up at the same place. pretty cool actually.

so Jeanne got me a waterfall, which i think nearly got my hair burnt. we had to fend away AMs who think they can stunt our seats anytime and are just plain irritating. angie who came with a cake from from cheesecake cafe! it was damn nice. angie sent me back and we ended up chatting in the car till 3am.. when i realised the after effects of the alcohol were coming onto me and i was talking louder and louder. haha till i think i was close to losing my voice.

i had a great time. ICB brings back lots of memories and fun. like CP said, everytime he goes to ICB, it reminds him of someone. i totally agree with him. we definitely missed him lots. things somehow arent the same without him..

I had another simple post birthday celebration on Sat as well. received a super cool birthday prezzie. all made from the heart. i think it's damn nice and very sweet! had lunch at mountbatten hawker eating my favourite prawn mee. then we headed to ACM to check out the propagenda exhibition. quite interesting. after that it was off to funan to check out my lappy, though we ended up in vhive and the stationery store where thereafter, we headed to cold storage. haha..

the best time was when we went to thomson for dinner. the vongole we ordered was excellent. i already want to have more of it now. it's absolutely delish in that they use flat clams instead of the usual lalas types of clams. the flat clams are sweeter and tastier. together with a bit of white wine, chili padis, cheese, linguini and black pepper, that was the best vongole i have ever tasted!!! the most amazing thing i realised was that, there was no garlic in the dish. i always thought garlic can usually enhance the taste of a dish. in this case, i was wrong. it's the vongole at it's simpliest. fresh clams do wonders which garlic can never enhance.

i'd definitely head back to the place and try it's cozze which is mussels pasta.. it looks good also. but must go early. It's amazing how fast the dishes get sold out within the hour!! i will not divulge the location nor the name. i still want to savour the wonderful dishes.

hmm.. i am getting hungry now.. oh and did i say, it was damn cheap? one big plate for only ahem $5.50 and it's much better than bakerzin or anywhere else i have eaten vongole.

i must go back and eat it again! thank to that super thoughtful sweet person who brought me there :)

i had a wonderful 31st. thanks to all my friends and STSP hahah...:)

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