Saturday, July 05, 2008

my new techie toy

so there were a couple of road shows some weeks ago for corporate rates for some phones from all 3 telcos. i was eager to get a new phone and recontract my starhub line. in the spur of the moment, and after some research, i so wanted to get the nokia N82.

i contemplated during the M1 roadshow, they couldnt buy over my contract coz my monthly average balance is less than $100 for the phone bill. as such, the only thing i could do is to sign a new contract with M1 and upon completion of my Starhub contract, port over my current number.

so i thought about it, and then i missed the time line of the road show.. and i decided to wait for starhub. sadly, when i went to the road show, they were closed and i was adviced to go to the roadshow in City Link. the person mentioned that they had more phones there on display.

I went there two days later and they had the N82, but i didn't buy. I decided to do more research. I went again the day after and was sad to find out that the phone was out of stock island wide!!?? Couldn't believe my ears.. i was utterly disappointed.

all these researching got me into a phone research frenzy mode last weekend. i so wanted the N82, no other phones will come close. I wanted the Sony Ericsson c902, but i didn't like the fact that users have to pull open a cover to the side to take a picture. so i went on researching.

Then i came upon this model. no adverts, didn't hear anyone mention nothing about this particular model. the phone was launched about the same time if not, slightly earlier than the C902.

i found what became my current phone. the SE G900. I have lots of favourable comments about this phone, though there are some features which i am either currently not used to or that it's a bit cumbersome.

First the design.

G900 is definitely a slim phone. It's slight broader than my K800i, but it's a least 0.5 times slimmer than the old phone. The screen is also bigger and it's got some kind of industrial sleekness to it simply because of the silver metal meshy looking strip that goes around the perimeter of the phone.

the buttons of this phone are made from two types of materials. the 4 short commands buttons are made of plastic. the number pad however i suspect is made of the same rubbery material as my old phone which i kinda detest coz the plastic coating on the rubbery key pads gets rubbed off after sometime.

the phone also no longer has a joystick for scrolling up, down, left, right. SE now designed the phone directional pad as a flat roundish centre with some parts of this circle being elevated by a metal ring for better grip when you choose the directions.

the camera lens is hidden behind a plastic protector ensuring that dust does not have the capability of going in. The camera is nicely tucked on the top right or top left corner of the phone, depending on whether the phone is vertical or horizontal. I guess that's why this phone can come fuss free of opening a cover to have the lens appear when taking photo.

next comes the features.

basically, they are pretty endless. it comes with a 5.0 mega pix camera, it's a full touch screen phone much like a PDA, it has all the features of the previous phone, and what's amazing about this phone is that you can do your own focusing by touching the screen, hold your stylus or your finger nail tips on the focusing box and you can just take a pic! a pity this phone does come with face detection which the C902 has. the icons and the wallpaper designs are not as cool and pretty as the K800i and the C902. in fact, these icons and wallpapers come across as rather dull to me. Thankfully, you can of course still use your photographs as wallpaper.

at the same time, to have an action deployed is a bit cumbersome too. there are so many text box with options popping out, it's not easy to make a choice. there are also times when i experienced lag time of about 1 to 2 secs when i choose every option.

this phone also didn't have the option to save to sim card or phone. or maybe i still haven't figure it out yet.

it works just like a pda recognising keystrokes which your stylus writes on the screen and have the alphabet appearing.

In any case, it's the phone i wanted. it's at least 5.0 mega pix and fully touch screen. For the price of $238 after voucher, 6 mths free subscription for phone and internet usage (up to the price of your plan anything more is of course chargeable). and a free blue tooth headset, i think it's pretty worth it.

I have not fully utilise the phone coz my SIM card is currently a 2G card. I think the bad stuff i mentioned might just disappear once the 3G card gets into action. i sure can't wait to find out!

by the time i took this pic, the phone's already out of the box and yes, that's the freedom doggie from starhub.

that's the SE G900 in brown! Haha my first brown phone!

my old K800i with it's little mascot showing my birthday :)

here's the old K800i. Great phone thus far, no complains! :)

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