Monday, July 07, 2008

cut calls and longgggg wait time

is it a consolation to say that people also face cut calls and long wait time from other call centres?

we get complains everyday about these irate customers and try all ways and means to appease these people through investigations, troubleshooting and from an outbound centre becoming a partial inbound one, all for the purpose of meeting KPIs.

today, i am starting to lose faith with my telco company. i waited for 18 mins when i called the telco hotline and the call finally got through only to be cut off when someone picked up the phone. the reason for calling was that my 3G SIM card until today has not been activated. I think i have been patient enough. Having waited for 3 working days at least or what was mentioned by the customer service officer at the hub as the time frame that the 3G card will be activated. if the follow up process has been done properly, this would not have happened. i mean, upgrading a 2G to a 3G card isn't an abnormal request right? i heard that a rival telco takes only half a day for the card to be activated. wonder why it takes 3 working days for my telco.

hmm.. is that the price to pay for freedom - i.e. of 6 months free subscription and free internet access which i can't even access with my 2G card. so what's the point?

maybe voice recognition and straight through processing of customers' requests is the way to go for call centres. it's disheartening to see the nonchalant attitudes of customer service officers everywhere. i seem to be having bad service with call centres. from a bank where you see their advertisements ending with people's faces plastering the various parts of the world map, to the episode that i just faced today.

is business booming everywhere that it's so hard to keep customers happy by simple day to day processing of requests or are customers becoming more demanding because of advertisements which promise the world on TV but failed to do so in real life?

i wonder how my feedback with be taken. i told the customer service officer that i want my experience to be addressed and looked into. i also expect a reply.

let's see how it goes. i guess sometimes, it's a matter of not trying to b nasty but the situation just drives one to be..

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