Sunday, May 25, 2008


Can't believe that i have MIA-ed for close to 20 days. what have i been up to?

things have been interesting lately. made some decisions which might change the things which are to come. i am pretty excited coz the exploration of many possibilities and experiences are some things to come by. i'm fortunate enough to have the offer from a friend which happened to come at the right time. i am eager to start, just that i really need to know the basics so that i don't screw up.

i bet it's going to be tough, yet fun and enriching.

i went for a course last week. the course was about 'Personal Effectiveness', loosely translated, it's how you can step out of your comfort zone and unleash your potential. great course you know. if you go with an open mind, you'd really get to know yourself better, make plans for the future and be exposed to things which you'd never possibly think you can do. basically, it boils down to 4 Ps. Perspective, personality, planning and purpose.

i attended this course couple of years back. day 1 f the course we were supposed to do these confidence building obstacle course. things like walking on a balance beam called 'the log' and 'postman walk' where you walk on a rope and hold on to another rope above your head. all of these course you have to walk from one end to another. then there was another one which is called 'the leap of faith' where you are supposed to climb a log about 4 storey high, stand on top of the log and when ready, jump to this hanging trapeze.

i did all three, but for the 'leap of faith' i didn't managed to stand on top of the log. it was shakey, my right leg was stiff and i just couldnt figure a way out to stand on top of the log! so i ended sitting on top of the log and request to climb down. but the trainers mentioned that, regardless i'm standing up or sitting down, i have to jump! i was like, WTF?? how to jump when you are sitting down?? i was asked by the trainers if i was sure i didn't want to try and stand up, i told them i was sure, so i'd just 'jump' and jumped i did but it took a lot to have trust on the people who are holding your harness to make sure that you are safely down.

i tell you, the jump was super! it was such a rush!! very happening lor.. i was rather impressed with myself that i actually jumped and didn't siam at all. that was cool. couple of years back, i didn't even bother to attempt lor.. but this time i did and i am happy. this shows how people can change in their views and ideas over the years.

i strongly recommend this course to everyone.

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