Tuesday, May 06, 2008

blab blab blab..

last week passed by pretty fast. we wii-ed away at the sohs on weds night. i was tired and i left about 3 am in the morning.

work on Friday went by aimlessly but busy and it was time to meet Cece for what seems like the longest time that i last saw her. we had dinner @ DTF where the food pretty much sux and we wanted to catch Ironman but pity the tickets went off fast. by the time we headed to GV marina, they only have seats 2 rows from the screen, so we decided to give it a miss and head for drinks instead.

we went past Kbox and decided that we haven't been ktving for a long time. So we headed in only to be informed that the place is fully booked but offered to help us book at Suntec and we went off to Suntec and reached the Kbox branch around 10 ish and we sang till 2.30 am!! haha, was pretty fun 2 girls K-ing away and also at the same time zonking and listening to the songs and watching the MTV.

by the time i reached home and slept, it was already 4am. had to wake up early for breakie, but it didnt happen. though i had great afternoon trip which was really sweet and comfy and very nice. haha, Saturday was fun though it ended early. wished that there was more time though.

anyway, today's only tuesday and i am already looking forward to Friday. haha

that's how terrible work is..

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