Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Snack attack!

I went Isetan scotts last Thurs and bought an incredible amount of snacks back home. Perhaps it was the right time to go there. They had loads of new stuff. There were so many, i had a tough time deciding which to get and which to forgo. It was quite a headache.

anyway i went home with these...

I've tried these two over the last weekend and i simply love O'ZACK! excellent brand for exotic flavoured potato crisps!! This one i bought was cabonara flavour. It tastes exactly like it. Pity the crisps were all broken into small bits and makes me wanna have more. hah, should try it's very yummy!

The one beside it is some sea urchin kaka type snack. hmm.. i can't say it's very nice. it tastes like kaka and i cannot taste the flavour of the sea urchin. so this one can skip.

And then comes the marble series pocky. This one is the Rum and Raisin flavour. It's very good! It tastes like ice kachang/chendol mixed into one. actually it tastes like atap chee flavour ice cream! very nice! but pretty expensive. it costs about close to 5 bucks for 12 sticks!!

we proceed to the dessert series. There's the orange choco flavor and the banana choco flavor. I haven't tried the orange one, but the banana one only has a tinge of banana taste and that's about it. didn't think it was very fantastic except that biscuit stick was quite thick. Am quite eager to try the orange flavor one though. wonder how it will taste like.

I haven't tried this Meiji Almond chocolate. Though i think it might just taste like any normal chocs with almond nuts. my favourite type and i guess i should like it.

the one in the center is some japanese plum fries. I haven't tried it yet. I think anything that is flavoured with Japanese plum may require an acquired taste for it coz the flavour is quite unique and hard to describe. it doesn't taste like our usual tseng muay (dried sour plum) the taste is so much stronger than that. if you choose the right type, you can continue eating non stop. but if you choose the wrong types, one try you can forgo it liao.

can never go wrong with the brand of fries beside it. this time they came up with a spicy cheese flavour. it's actually black pepper and cheese. very fragrant. the cheese is just about right and with a tiny bit of black pepper makes you want to have more!!

here's the banana choco pocky and caramel flavoured kit kat as well as red tea flavoured kit kat. I haven't tried either. Very very curious about both!

these are peach and strawberry jelo chocs with alcohol!! quite shiok. I tried the peach one. very good ah! but don't eat it when it's melted. I took the melted one and it tasted like any other choco. Must try a good one. damn nice. the jelo and alcohol just oozes out of the chocolate!!

these were my snack damage for that faithful day. terrible me!!

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