Monday, April 21, 2008

longest movie

this song has been playing on my ipod everyday. Repeating and repeating and yes, in a repeating mode.

I really like one part of the song best. it's in the chorus.

pardon my lousy translation, but i think it goes something like that:

give me another two minutes, let me freeze the memories into ice

tears that melted, your makeup's gone, how can i remember?

remember that you wanted to forget me, remember that you have forgotten me

you said you'd cry, it's not because it matters

dunno why i like this part. i think JC sang it with loads of feelings. haha, feeling so strong that it has touched my heart.

somehow, just have to blog this..

anyway, whilst packing my old stuff, i came across a poem i wrote for a group of friends. i guess i really have nothing better to do during uni days. no wonder my results sucks big time! will blog some of the stuff i wrote, but they were full of angst. Erm, it was the growing up years and i tend to let my imagination run wild.

and i know i am worried about something...

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