Tuesday, April 29, 2008

freebie beer...NOT!!!

ahah! so i did try for the 1 litre monster mug at ICB and i failed miserably.

it was in short, a rather yucky feeling.

in 27 secs, i only managed about 1/3 or maybe1/4 jug and i gave up. i shall describe the feeling..

the first mouthful was pleasant, but alas, i felt a choke and that was it. as i continue to take more mouthfuls, i feel my chest filling up, and the my tummy starting to bloat. then each mouthful became pretty torturous and each sip, tedious. i was like, okay freak, that's it! i shan't go further. once i put down the jug, that's that. it's insane if i even attempt to finish it. seriously, i bow down to DH for being able to down the jug within 8.1 secs! Shen indeed! Haha.

the 'Shen' and me before we the monster mug challenge

the idiotic guys from some nearby table were laughing and was sure that i freaking couldn't make it. tmd, want to box them sia. bloody irritants! at least i was gutsy enough to try. thanks to the peepz for cheering though. too bad i didn't make it.

actually, i was rather reluctant to try and drink. was very tired and sleepy. but surprisingly, after drinking that bit of beer, i became rather awake. in fact, i was quite jumpy. I think the alcohol didn't hit me until when i was in the bus. i just threw my head back onto the support on the seat and closed my eyes.

i'd have fallen into a slightly deep sleep had i not have the urge to go to a loo to pee. by the time bus 16 reached mountbatten, i should have alighted and go to the hawker at old airport road, but i didn't. i thought i could tahan till i reached home and i was terribly wrong. lucky at around joo chiat, there were a couple of kopitiams, so i alighted and went to this muslim kopitiam and used the toilet.

it was a relief!

after peeing, i went back to the bus stop and waited for bus number 16. then i decided that i should walk to another bus stop which has more buses, when i reached the bus stop, i realised that i was quite close to home. so i walked home from joo chiat, partially high but still walking straight and i had some sort of exercise.

quite an interesting night and i could still feel the beer swimming in my tummy the next day.

yikes! i'd stick to hoe garden all the time man..

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