Monday, April 07, 2008


i guess no need to elaborate what the above means. if you know it, you know it lah.

anyway, i am making my grouse heard again.

some people exists to create jobs for others. some people exists to do the jobs these people created. other people exists to dispute that these jobs created are meant for them and they can just simply say 'i cannot do it' just so to escape it and create more jobs for other people who are there not to do their jobs.

these are the real slackers! (i'm nice coz i'm using 'slackers' in replacement of typing f***kers in full.)

AS IF a day away from the office creates incredible tons of workload. then weekends how? take two days (mon and tues) to clear each day ah?

my freaking two weeks leave would have killed me! (as a matter of fact, it is and i'm uttering silently 'i'm dying' each day since i got back. it's unhealthy for the subconscious mind, yet it seems natural that i am feeding my subcon such thoughts.)

i hate to compare my workload with other people, i believe we all have as much to do and seriously, it's truly unprofessional to say that i have a lot of things to do, though it's inevitable that one will lament about the never ending workload. well, it's meant to be isn't it? else, who needs you in the position you are in?

is it evil for me to put up the conversation i had this morning when i asked someone to help out?

i'm tempted to, but who knows who read this blog? ok, perhaps, i'd only do it when (if ever) i leave the company or that i strike 10 mil toto or something. but i just i wonder if karma ever goes back to these people??

these days i am so ODed on coffee. CH mentioned that he's worry about the whole team drinking cold coffee. yeah, i think i should stay with plain water. healthier i gather.. so that i dont have to rely on that caffeine fix. somehow, it seems rather impossible.. we'll see how it goes then.

sighz.. i can only say, work's getting sucky...


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