Friday, April 11, 2008


my comp is here

my tv is here

my dvd player is here

my shelves are ready to be assembled

my clothes are all over the place

my books are dusty

my room had it's first unwanted guest - bloody spider..*splat*

my door has been changed to a cheap pink plastic sliding door (think toilet door in sweet pink hah)

i will know how my design turns out tomorrow

i will know if i can put everything and rubbish i owned into that tiny little room

i will change the light soon

i will have my comp up and running

i will have my tv up and running

everyone's waiting for me to clear my stuff i think

i hope everything will go as planned

perhaps a pic of my room

pinkish with black lace accent

i am excited

i haven't got the black lace

haha i think it will be sexily sweet..


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