Sunday, April 06, 2008

zookers n Tranquil

as promised, the sms which was sent.

Special treat 4 e privileged. Free passes to the Zoo & enjoy scrumptious dinner @ Tranquil. Valid only on Sat 5th Apr. T&C apply. To unsubscribe, reply delete.

innovative aint it? Haha, kudos to Cece for coming up with this very interesting sms which i guess would prolly had made a few of us smile amidst the crazy work week we all had.

and so, we went to the zoo yesterday. and it was one hell of an experience.

the last time we all went to really walk around the zoo was prolly ions ago (except for DH who visited only last week or a couple of weeks ago.) and how it has changed! slightly modern, extremely commercial and cleaner. what hasnt changed was prolly the smell...

we were supposed to meet at 2pm but due to the location (mandai being quite out of place) and work commitments, we managed to only get in at close to 3pm. the peepz who arrived early had Chicky meal at KFC and by the time when all of us arrived, the supposedly afternoon thunderstorm which DH heard over the radio was seemingly going to threatened our visit, so the peepz who drove and had brollies in the car went to get some, just in case.

3pm or so

we went in and saw a pony. then we were told that we can sit and take a group pic which of coz comes with a price. the staff took 3 pics and gave us coupon to redeem when we finish our trek.

with dark clouds looming and many animal feeding/shows to catch we decided we should see as many animals as possible. after seeing the pony, we saw fishes, then we saw monkey with symmetrical face ( must refer to photo to see what's it is called) and some false alligator/crocodile which has a very thin snout.

then we saw this tiny looking cotton ear monkey. It's so small and not afraid of human beings, so it was climbing short trees in an open habitat and any adult could easily reach for it.

list of animals we saw in no order:

white tiger (which keeps walking and walking. cece made a joke saying that it's just checking out which human it should leap to to have for dinner.. haha)
wild boars
kangaroo (we saw one in the process of passing motion)
mating mouse deers (got a clip but no humping action)
orang utans (by the tree top, sheltering themselves from the heavy rain)
polar bear feeding show (the polar bear inuka just split the live fish into half with it's super huge mouth and sharp teeth)
different types of snakes
other reptiles
baboons (noisy, smelly, territorial, uber leisure and having a great time)
super stinko billy goat family (the smell made me really wanna puke)
humongous crocodiles
seal (i took a pic with the Carlos the seal)
many monkeys
some cat which look like a leopard (it's called the Jing Qian Mao very pretty)

i'm trying to think very hard and i think i am missing a few animals and some jokes which the peepz shared when we walked along were real funny.

so peepz if you all read this, please add into the tag board? maybe i should change my blog skin to enable comments. but that will be when my comp comes to the place.

oh, and it did rain. it poured heavily and we had to seek shelter even when we had brollies. spent half the time carry brollies and trying to take pictures. tough feat i must say.

we were also feeding mozzies in the zoo. we sustained bites on the legs. 2 fell victims to some funny smell or something and were sneezing continuously. we were wowed by Jeanne's well packed bag. she brought water and towel. i guess the rest of us forgot how it was like to go on an excursion. we forgot to attach mozzie pad too or bring tiger balm or morpiko. in short, we were quite ill prepared. i guess we expected that we only need to walk and everything should be a breeze.. but alas, never really was.. hah.

we left at about 7pm and headed to BPP to pick up Ann and cece had to buy hua diao jiu. so whilst waiting for cece to get the HDJ and Ann to arrive, the rest of us went to Mac to grab some snacks before heading to Tranquil.

We reached tranquil at about close to 8pm? and waited for dinner to be served. in the meantime, the rest were exploring cece's abode and some were watching TV. We had an excellent meal and thanks to Cece's mum, the food were delish!! I forgot to take pics!! We had crabs, zuh zuh ( those snailish seafood which you had to suck to get the flesh out?), sotongs, promfret, scallops with asparagus, brocolli, sweet and sour pork. Very restaurant standard ahh!!

so we were talking about our next west side outing. perhaps going to tree top walk, or the goat farm, fish spa, etc. yup, it's in the pipeline. heh. and then we were talking about room warming and stuff.. i think my 'new room can only accommodate like err 3 peepz max? I am talking about peepz like Jeanne, Cece, Ann and YM? as for the guys, i think DH and JY would prolly already make it rather squeezy? I dunno, need to set up everything before i can confirm. hah.

in any case, i had a great time! I'm sure the rest of the peepz too! and i think Darius (Cece's nephew) must be the one who had the best time of the night. coz so many uncles and aunties were playing with him!! Haha, yah we were being called 'uncles and aunties' liao..


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