Wednesday, April 16, 2008

cockles, crabs and chu chu

yesterday my mum called me when i was at work. she told me that my uncles went somewhere to catch crabs, cockles and chu chu. she asked if i wanted sambal chu chu and told me very excitedly about the huge cockles which were being picked up.

as a seafood lover, of coz i said i want lah. so she ta baoed everything back and wah lau, the cockles were really huge! Just like those you see in japan hour and they are alive!! i had the urge to just cut 'em up and make sashimi out of it, remembering the akari (if that's what they are known as in japanes) i so love at Shinryoku, but i didn't. apparently my was told by my uncle that she should put the cockles in the freezer and then eat it or something. i was like, what a waste, but i was damn lazy. and because they were so huge, i was worried that my fingers may be injured by the snap of the shell. so they laid to freeze in the freezer.

and i attacked the chu chu. the whole box of it. now i know what's the diff between freshly caught ones and cooking it immediately and those which were caught, displayed and not eaten immediately. other than there a stronger taste of mud occasionally, the meat is very crunchy! damn shiok lor!

and i was quite full after that, but decided to look into the box containing crab. sheesh, the claws were huge too lor!! And it was cooked with salted egg yolk and egg. the sauce itself was already a winner. plus because it was partially mixed with another batch that has the black pepper, it was a tad spicy too. i couldn't wait to peel the shell away from the meat. and once i tasted the meat, i was like in heaven ah!! you know when you watch those cooking story animes right, they have like lightning strikes or waves crashing down, if not you are like in a bed of sakura petals kind of thing. ok.. ahem, maybe getting a bit far fetch, but you know what i mean.

the meat was firm. tender and very juicy. you can in fact taste the sweetness of it and you know it is definitely fresh. the crab was awesome! i limited myself to two pieces reluctantly though, coz i knew i had to stop else it's calories overload!!

i've taken the pics of the huge cockles, but i don't think you'd think it's big. anyway, i just ate one raw just. it was damn bloody. which means, eat one can already. that will make up for many cockles actually.

will post the pic another day. now it's off to some other serious business.. heh

*keeping fingers cross*

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