Sunday, April 13, 2008

back in business

okie, i've finally set up my pc in the small little room.

now i am waiting for the LCD TV.

this is so exciting!! i can continue to be my bed potato and have the bestest view without have to switch places to watch the tv and going online.. haha happy like siao.

i took a pic of my 'fashion store' wardrobe, didn't exactly turn out fashion store-ish, coz it's like there are too many things which are not neatly placed and now, i have a problem. i'm not able to hang my shirts coz the L brackets to hold the board were too long in height. As such, i have to reduce the height of the intervals just so that they can allow for more space for me to hang my never ending tops!

i'm thinking of putting up a fish tank too!! haha, finally some animals.. definitely can't get a dog or a cat, so get small fishes.. hehe.. maybe for better feng shui??

okie, gotta go submit my tax. wah lau, nearly forget again..

gonna be poorer... *frownz*

by the way, it has been raining a lot lately, hasn't it?

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