Tuesday, April 29, 2008

*peek-a-boo* again...

actually contemplating whether to put it up or not.

aiyah, wah lau what you all thinking? I am talking about my smallish room pics lah.

not very well taken i must say. the angles are a bit funny too. but just to let you peepz have an idea how it looks like lor..

the wall opposite my bed.

put up some shelvings all from ikea. as you can see, the samsung 32 inch LCD TV is beisde the smallish monitor. in the centre shelf is my Pooh Bear collection from Macs and the Sesame Street characters on the bottom part where you can't exactly see coz they are all in their original packaging. the shelf on my left has my very little book collection which is already 90% filled. On the other side is just a wooden shelf which i haven't exactly decide what i should put on it.

then there is the white LACK shelf also from ikea. I guess i am going to put more books and some paintings i got from Bali.

Actually underneath the TV is an open shelf as well. For all my electronics which i call the techie shelf unit (camera, portable hard disk, selphy printer, CPU, woofer, DVD player etc.) there's also my, ahem... boots collection occupying the middle part of the shelf.

beside that shelf is a plastic shelf unit where i put my art stuff and my make up and accessories.

next comes the super single bed which occupies half the room. On the left corner is my CD shelves wher my VCD, DVDs and CDs collection resides. I am going to change the curtains, but for the time being am sticking to this.

and there it is, the supposedly fashion store wardrobe. haha, ok lah it's damn small lor, i doubt i can keep all my stuff inside. I'd figure i hope.

there's the simple room. small and cozy :)

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