Tuesday, March 11, 2008

thanks for keeping the economy afloat

ok, i don't know if the above is meant to suan me or what.. it came from interesting person's (IP) sms. i was telling him about my purchases during the IT fair. having attempted or conquered the idiotic people at the fair, sent killer to bones kind of stares, made a couple tzk sounds to make sure my displeasure gets heard louder than others who tzk.. i bought the following items.


samsung 32 inc lcd tv
resisted the canon ixus 950 coz i didn't think the selphy printer was generating fantastic print outs


met Cece who braved the bloody jam, sudden rain and freaking idiots in the crowd and headed to purchase our first item.. the 160 GB portable hard disk from Maxtor. Darn small, but it's not a very chio silver. good thing is that it's able to backup OS. we thought it was quite cool though i was thinking of western digital on Sat coz of the super chio pink colour. anyway, that was out of stock by Sunday. Just my luck and as usual, see already don't want to buy attitude. I guess Maxtor should be all right.

then we headed off to Nikon and Canon, i wanted to get a digi cam and i told Cece the Nikon and Canon DSLRs got pretty good deals..so we headed to Nikon first, braving even more crowds, it was crazy! human traffic jam ah!! Want to see the display sets also troublesome, have to squeeze with everyone.. even ahem apnn workers. when i finally got my hands on the nikon cool pix, tested it, took pics with it, i was disappointed. it was somewhat the same with my casio exlim..too much noise as you look at the screen. picture turned out unclear and blurry. so we headed to canon.

as we walked along the way, cece was telling me that her selphy, a higher version than the one they are giving away was pretty good. i was like.. hmm ok and checked out some of the prints. they looked different from the ones i saw the other day. anyway, we didn't know there were two dealers handling the Canon products. We were disappointed with TK for not tying up with Citibank for their installment plans. They had OCBC, DBS and POSB, they just didnt have Citibank. Darn, so when we decided that we shall save our money and not buy any cameras, i spotted another end of the show area that the staff is selling a customer $1150 for the DSLR and i quickly asked Cece to go check it out.

it was then that we realised, there were two different dealers and what's cool this dealer M S colour, had installment plan tie up with Citibank! so, without further ado, we asked some questions and purchased the items we wanted.

great deal! Sweet!! haha i got a free printer, $100 swensens voucher, 2 X 2 GB SD card, 1 X 4 GB SD card, Digital kit which included, cleaning kit, small tripod and dunno what, screen protector as well!!

we then headed to Canele to have some dessert. i was to head for HOUSE @ Dempsey and Cece headed home for dinner.

so, was IP suanning me?? Hmm...

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