Monday, March 03, 2008


it's only monday, yet again i already feel terribly drained. even though i skipped going out the weekend that just passed and stayed home to rest.

slept through sunday, on and off. cooked myself a yummy brown rice, prawn and cabbage soup. really delish and awfully sinful coz i decided it was a waste to discard the prawn heads with all the essence of the brain oozing out when i peeled it. i kept them together with the diced prawn in the fridge and started boiling the brown rice in superior dashi stock till the rice soften. then i put in thinly sliced cabbage to add a sweeter flavour to the stock. when the soup started boiling, i put in the prawns and the prawn heads and left it to boil for a short while. thereafter, i turned off the fire and dropped cubes of danish mozzarella cheese into the mixture, covered it for a while and served myself one big bowl of it.

was too lazy to take pics, so it's left to my 5 senses to recollect the yumminess of the dish. i'd cook it again for sure. this time i'd make sure i have some chilli padi to make it slightly spicy and fiery!! ohh la la!

work sucks for a monday. it's getting rather unbearable to a certain extend. the feeling of helplessness sucks, i know the feeling of getting screamed at for something you didn't do and can't do anything about. it's this kind of feeling that really gets everyone depressed... sighz, allow me to dream that i strike the 10 mil hong bao prize... well, i really wished i did. things would be different then, i gather.. oh whatever!

hopped by the pier for bbq on Sat, and wow i think the place is damn solid. it's swanky, modern and has a beautiful swimming pool that is edgeless (erm well kinda in the sense that the edge is made of glass which overlooks the canal, giving a sense of 'infinity'?) you know, like those resort style pools which makes it seem like the sea and the pool are actually one.. anyhow, it's funny that the owner mentioned that it kinda feels like a hostel coz the units are so squarish, there's a laundry area where people can do their laundry etc. in any case, the place didn't disappoint. it was how i expected it to be. not forgetting mid end, yummy makan places are just right around the lobby. for the price paid, i guess, it's pretty worth it.


didn't take any pics though, dunno why. too happily enjoying the food, wine and beer i supposed. been a long time since i last had a bbq sesh. maybe moving back to MP will have more of such chances since it's so near ECP. oh yah, i didn't mention? yup, i'm moving back to the neighborhood, coz we are gonna rent out this place. no complains coz i really like MP coz it's so darn freaking near parkway which is a one stop mall and i definitely do not need to head to town for the occasional impulse to splurge on clothes.

plus, i am a bus taking kind of gal. i hate the MRT coz it freaking sux! time and again, it's always packed with people, day in day out. anyone who takes the train daily will know that the logistic planning goes haywire every single day without fail! i always wonder what those peepz in purple do, standing in the middle where the lift is everyday? when the trains are packed, i don't see them radioing for more trains to come within shorter intervals sometimes, the trains come even in longer intervals!?! i don't see them doing crowd control, nor do i see them guide passengers to cabins which might be less empty. i certainly don't think they can even run/jog fast enough (let alone sprint) should someone jumps towards the train and commit suicide. though i think that was the primary reason why they were there, not that i think the action can be prevented in any way. i have no conclusion why money is spent to have people standing there, not taking the initiative to do something more worthwhile?

i shan't grouse anymore about the MRT, coz it makes my blood boil every morning! hopefully, taking the bus would be less of a hassle, though somehow, i have a bad feeling that i'd not be able to find a seat every morning. maybe i should really get that license and drive? still thinking..

i'm looking forward to the weekend. shopping at haji, mani/pedi at bugis, dinner at canele and 10000 bc thereafter.. hmm, i'd dream to that. but first, i need to survive the week and the saturday work day..


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