Thursday, March 13, 2008

the mrt door bitch

this i must blog, coz the door B seriously pissed me off early in the morning.

it happened yesterday. was waiting for the MRT as usual. If you have read one of the few blogs earlier on, you'd know how i hate taking the MRT. pisses me off every morning.

so, yesterday morning when the train arrived, it wasn't exactly that crowded. i knew i would be able to squeeze in even with my big bag, i should still be comfortable at least for one stop. so i entered the carriage.

and then, it happened.

the door B made a TZK sound, super loud. i was thinking in my head like 'hey, i'm the one who has to squeeze here!' so i looked back and saw that she's only a petite girl. much smaller than me and with a bag half my size. kaoz, what's her problem??

i was in the mood to be bitchy and i rebutted. so the exchange went something like this.

MRT door bitch: TZK!

me: (looking behind) There's space behind.

MRT door bitch: There's no space! (voice a little loud)

me: tzk! (walked behind her using my rather empty big bag to push her a bit and found a space behind her)

MRT door bitch: tzk! (again, with frustrated look)

me: (standing behind her, holding my big bag in front of me) ISN'T this space?

MRT door bitch: .... (slience)

nabehz! she thinks her face black people scared of her ah. my face can be blacker than her ok!! actually to make my point being heard more, i wanted to call somebody and bitch out loud about the bitch, but instead, i decided not to (trying not to be an even worse one at that point in time though it was quite hard to resist). so i went further into the carriage, and started to sms Cece.

darn these people who spoils other's morning. they deserved to be said back to and it should be made known to them that the world is not theirs alone. coz when in public, you've gotta share some personal space whether you like it or not!


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