Wednesday, February 27, 2008

be vain, suffer pain

nah.. i didn't go for plastic surgery, can't afford it.

Remember? i still have plenty of items i really wanna get..

i am talking about my facial routine. i used to be an SKII user coz it was really good until i couldn't afford it coz it was getting rather pricey as years go by. as such, i had to get new facial products which still work wonders but are friendly to the pocket.

i've surfed from laneige (terrible outbreak) to some items from Shu uemura (the cleansing oil caused my face to have an outbreak also) and finally settled for the many products from The Face Shop. The masks are super duper worth it! Cheap and very suitable for my skin. Love the Peeling system 1.2.3, the black sugar honey scrub (smells like you can eat it, but of coz not!) and the raspberry eye patches! I am also a fan of Kose's charcoal mask! It's painfully effective.

anyhows, for the past two days, i have been doing this particular facial routine.

noticing that neglect has caused the emergence of dried skin everywhere possible on my face, i decided to do some scrubbing to get rid of the dry skin first. thereafter, i put on the Kose black charcoal mask and leave it to dry. the thing about this mask is that when it dries up, it really sticks to your skin, literally! so when you peel it off, be ready to have tears welling up your eyes. think waxing away facial hair in a slow a painful manner. i couldn't just pull the mask away coz i am afraid that my skin will over stretch and become lose. so i had to endure the pain and slowly pull the mask away.

you asks if it's worth it?

well, yes of coz!? if not i'm definitely not of sound mind to go through this horrific procedure twice consecutively in a week (duh?)! the feeling's even better when you see micro hair attached to the mask and tiny bits of black heads which was being extracted when you pull the mask away. Delightful you know?! it's like no need to squeeze the black heads and leave ugly scars! sometimes if i have the time, a couple of days before the procedure, i'd use some pore refiner cream from SKII (it's a sample by the way. 5ml only) during that couple of days. this helps to 'loosen' the black heads and when you put on the mask and peel it away, the black heads come off easily!

in any case, at the end of the day after the whole process, you'll feel the smoothness of your face and you'd think it's really well worth the pain.

yup, it's that good and can be rather addictive! nope, i don't mean the pain. it's touching your smooth face that you feel like this has to be a daily routine for you.

err, so am i also on the same routine tonight? nah, was too lazy. i'd prolly do it tomorrow though :)

by the way, remember your toner and moisturizer after taking off the mask. i use the excess serum from the SKII masks and it's damn good!

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