Saturday, March 15, 2008

6 degrees could change the world

the trailer or should i say advert regarding this documentary in National Geographic really caught my attention. if you have seen it, it was this young girl skating on a frozen lake. she skated graciously, around the frozen lake just like the ice skaters prepping for competition. she skated to the far end of the lake and then to the middle, doing a triple jump spin. when she landed the ice broke under her weight and she dropped into the frozen lake.

it really had an impact and my curiosity was aroused.

i knew i missed it during the week. had been going home late this week. partially work, partially meeting friends.

then i chanced upon it today while surfing channels. i was contemplating this and House. Then i realised that House was on season 2 which i have caught, so i gave it a miss and watching the documentary instead.

as with all environmental shows, it was really gloomy, educational and frightening. what could happen when the world's temperature increases by even a degree? you'd be really surprised. there's a list of chain effects which if you think in depth, it's nothing really difficult.

watch the show and yes, you'd definitely start thinking. everything you do, counts. no matter how small. if you do just a little bit and someone else does the same and somebody else does it too, we can help with global warming.

for me, i'd start with getting rid of the vampire dots on my electronics. u know, that little red dot which shows your stuff are on standby? yeah, they suck away energy even when on 'standby'. actually, i've been doing this out of habit lately and i have also totally shut down my computer as well. no longer on it all the time. even during the two days when it rained so heavily that it was so cold, i didn't even turn on the air conditioner. so i guess i am doing my little bit for our earth.

so come march 29, just switch off everything at home or in office for one short hour. i'm sure we can do it and if you wonder what you should do that one hour to kill time? hmm.. how about this:

light up some scented candles and meditate?

Or, if you are lost in the midst of all this chaotic world, take this time to think of what you want to do?

for those who are married, maybe the effects of the scented candles somehow feels sexy and romantic making you want to create another human being?

sleep and rest for that one hour?

take a quiet stroll around your neighbourhood?

go for a much needed swim?

for me? i think i'd start to make plans of what i want to do this year and perhaps start to make some decisions. Oh, i better remember to take out a bottle of beer from the fridge just to chill while making these decisions.


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