Thursday, March 20, 2008

mostly packed

i guess i am mostly packed.. in the end, i had tons of things. Far more than what i have imagined. loads of boxes, trash bags and suit cases/baggage/shoe boxes of miscellaneous stuff which i am really worried that i will not be able to find when i move over to the old place.

classic case of bad timing.

this whole episode of packing have thought me a couple of things.

1) i really shouldn't buy anymore things

2) how to clean the dust using masking tapes

the first i shall not go on further, it was in my previous email. as for the second one, it beats using wet cloth to wipe away accumulated dust. basically, just tape away. not very environmental friendly, but it's friendly to your hands. you dont have to keep washing the cloth, so it's just tear, dab dab dab/stick stick stick and throw. that's that. it's good and it's damn clean. it gets the job done!

that was indeed a discovery and a good one!

... ... ...

i met up with my FP on mon and hmm.. i need to bite the bullet for the whole of this year and the next few years. i'm taking advantage of the low USD for some purposes in the hope of 5 years down the road, i'd have some good returns. hmm.. 5 years, i'd be 35 then. i hope things go well. i imagine it to be quite tough. having to resist the urge of buying stuff, i wonder how i can do it. i'm quite scared actually, for initially i thought it was ridiculous to have to fork out this much money, but thinking in the long term sense, i hope i'd not regret my decision in 5 years time. wish me luck.

in the meantime, i'd continue my toto dreams. Monday's jackpot is 1.5 mil!! shall not miss it.

... ... ...

tomorrow this time, i'd be in Vietnam with Cece and Jenn. Maybe eating the Lao Po Bing Jenn got from HK or erm, champagne and foie gras pate on biscuit? i suspect we are going to put on some weight which i definitely have to get rid of when i come back.

still contemplating which camera to bring.. the new ixus or the 400D. arghh.. that's the problem with having so many cameras.

anyway, cece is supposed to arrive at my place like 11 ish she said. she's still not here.. hmm i think we don't have to sleep coz our flight is at 7.15am!! got to leave for the airport like 5.30am.. i think we'd be so stoned..

hmm.. i'd go check on cece.

see you peepz in a couple of days!

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