Tuesday, March 18, 2008

i hate packing

since morning i have been busy packing my stuff to get ready to move to the old place.

gawd, i could've died!

since when have i gotten/accumulated soooooo many things which i have no idea why they are around and i have no use of them. i have packed like 4 trash bags, 1 plastic box and a back pack full of clothes and i still have some left unpacked. mind you, that's just only for clothes!! sheesh! did i buy so many things over the years that i don't even remember having or even use them? maybe i should take a pic and upload to the comp and into my blog to serve as a reminder that i actually have so many freaking things!?!

haha, goodness me!! i'm really impossible! i decided no more shopping going forward and i must think of ways and means to put my creative juices into good use for these forsaken clothings. some how, i must convert them to cash-able items.

i must! i must! i must!
(doesn't this remind you of that Judy Blume book?? :P)

though i have been packing since morning, i still haven't gotten around seeing that my stuff are all tucked away leaving loads of empty spaces. my room is still as messy and i'm like.. super duper sian half. i think i need to pack away those which i can see, then i'd prolly be motivated. my wardrobe's mostly cleaned out and i'm left with the shoes and lingerie section.

still got my books and mags and paper bags which are so pretty, i can't bear to throw them away. the most headache items i believe are the tiny nick nacks which are so tough to pack!!

then i have this set of badminton rackets, piangz, i should return it to the owner/s sia.. it's left there collecting loads of dust. talking about dust, i am surprised that my cupboard has loads of dust. i wonder how they even get there in the first place.. it's quite disgusting. thank goodness the stuff in that section were kept in boxes.

oh and i nearly forgot about my tv, dvd, hi fi (i think i am getting rid of it coz it keeps coming out with some buzzing sound!!) and my comp. i have been thinking of selling my comp and getting a mac instead. have not gotten around to doing it!! haiz!

so many things, so damn tiring. my bones must be getting old.

darn, i just remembered i have left over cds to pack as well!

ARGH!!!! I hate to pack for shifting house!! The next time if i ever need to pack is when i get married and move to a new place or else, it'd be when i get my own pad.

AND, i definitely should stop buying clothes. with this major packing sesh, i really think i have too many clothes for me to wear for another 2 to 3 years. maybe i should invest in a sewing machine and start my own line of recycled clothes. so for every piece i sell, i will then use the money to buy newer items??

i think that's more reasonable...

for now, it's shower and then tucking away my precious shoes.. and then watching the korean drama 'First King and Four Gods'. which interestingly is actually not a bad show! the best thing is i am watching it without subs.. most of the time i have no idea what they are talking about, but the special effects were pretty amazing, like watching anime. now i know why women are crazy about bay yong jun. he's actually quite cool. hah!

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