Wednesday, April 02, 2008

back to work, back to MP

guess i am not very good with travel blog. my vietnam trip blog is in the pipeline, but i haven't complete it yet coz i haven't put up my pics and also coz my comp is currently out of action since i moved.

yup, have finally moved back to good ole MP. i'm pretty happy.

comp is not set up in the current house, it's still in Geylang. my custom made bed was finally amended and completely assembled in my terribly small, cosy room today. it's time to start setting up my so called 'fashion store' wardrobe. it seems nice in my imagination, but i tend to over sized my designs. meaning, it's actually very small, but i imagine it to be very big. perhaps i subconsciously work my infinite intelligence to make myself feel better. =)

anyway, commuting between home and office have been very much more pleasant.

mon and tues, i managed to reach office earlier than any one day in the last couple of years and it's sans free ride from mom. i guess my face for the past three days when taking bus ride was sans apparent 'blackness'. I am happy taking the bus. I could at least find a seat and fall asleep. No need to get worked up with MRT DBs. hah, guess i am happy for now.

work has been hectic since i got back. frankly speaking, i am rather lost. expectedly or unexpectedly i am pretty swamped. to a point i've lost serious sense of prioritizing. many things are happening on ad hoc basis. it seems like work has become an hour by hour, minute by minute kind of thing. you know, sometimes people say 'let's live each day as it comes'. we are like in work war battle every seconds in fact. it has now come down to this.. scary aint it?

it's common to hear things like 'i'm dying', 'i wonder how long i can last', 'i'm beat'.. phrases like these seem to be uttered out naturally.. i kinda feel we are really like corporate slaves these days. how sad, and how unfortunate. oh, and i went back doing what i did maybe 6 years back? though my knowledge has pretty much deteriorated over the years, but i'm glad to have feedback from the other end of the line that they can hear the smile in my voice. heh, i think that's cool =).

i am missing my holiday period already.

two days after we came back from Vietnam, i went to find Cece at her work place for a sample sale madness! it was well worth it even though i had to lug my purchases back home and my hands were awfully strained carrying the heavy load! (i can almost feel them close to being dislodged from my body.) so i decided to take a cab back. it's also coz dad asked me to ta bao makan for him. so before the noodles turned soggy, i thought i should zip back home. Thankfully, cab fare was about 10 bucks, so it was still all right.

i will take a pic of my purchases when i have space in my small room. i bought 2 pairs of gloves, 3 jackets which provides various degrees of warmth in cold places (1 some sort of wind breaker with a bit of insulation in white, a kaki mustard yellow rugged looking - think lots of pockets and buttons like cargo pants, and those Michellin looking jackets in red and orange which i thought was uber cool!), a pair of snow/ski boots (?), a pair of rugged boots we saw the other time at taka but was way too freaking expensive ($299 vs $30, you do the math), pair of silvery bluish white boots and 2 winter caps. maybe i am too eager for the Hokkaido trip next year which i don't even know if it will materialise. but guess what, i only spent a total of $210 for all these items which will prolly cost more than $500 on an normal day. I am happy with my purchases, in fact, absolutely delighted!

this sat i look forward to visit the zoo with the peepz and heading off to Tranquil to have dinner. I should type out the sms from the host, so funny and very creative! next time perhaps. i've decided to bring 400d this time round. haha, i rather miss it actually... =)

hmm.. actually i am also looking forward to xlb this friday at a place in Thomson. heh.

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