Tuesday, February 12, 2008

crossed eyes

was looking at numbers till my eyes crossed. the only thought that kept me sane towards the last couple of hours was the shopping therapy i was hoping to get. i targeted to leave office at 9pm and head to DMK to check out some shoes.

by 9pm, i finished work, but i didn't head for DMK. I walked straight for the feeder bus which will take me to City Hall mrt station and got home.

during the last couple of hours, i was thinking of going on a shoe shopping spree. i wanted to get at least 4 pairs of shoes.

1) a pair of something from DMK (hmm..something like impulse buy)
2) a pair of slippers from NUM (the slim strap gold colour designs are to die for!!!)
3) a pair of lime green flatties from SHUC (coz of the colour and it's very comfy)
4) a pair of heels from nine west (grey high heeled shoes, damn nice, but damn high and coz i dun have green satin shoes)

i could have spent at least 200 bucks today, but i didn't. the thought of getting the shoes was prolly just to give myself a target so that i should complete my task by 9pm. it's nice just thinking of it. then again, i decide to leave early tomorrow and i might just spend that 200 bucks. it's likely to be the urge. let's see how it goes tomorrow..

* * *

i threw away a fair bit of clothes during the spring cleaning and i am amazed to see my cupboard still completely full! i think this is terrible, it kinda means i am still stalling away the discarding of some items which i have no idea why i am keeping them. there are some items which really should have went off with the rest during that clean up, but they are still in the cupboard... i am waiting, but dunno for what. in any case, i bought a fair bit of clothes recently as well. hmm.. it's a wonder that my cupboard got filled up so soon..wow!

* * *

am getting really fat and flabby arms these days. darn disgusted and i really need to do something about it.

* * *

CNY had been pretty fruitful. met up with primary and secondary schoolmates, all thanks to facebook. Has anyone complained recently how bloody slow the whole facebook is? i'm taking freaking long to download a page, an application, a pic, etc.. i've given up and stopped logging in to fb. i think yahoo mail is also getting damn bloody retarded too. it's taking me more than half an hour to load an email. can't believe it! WTF!!!??

anyhowz, am in a grouchy mood... not looking forward to the weekend coz i have to work on Sat.. but looking forward to watch Jumper, free tix courtesy of cece and her luck. she won a pair of tix for that show. heh.. coolz man! now i am wondering if we should head to queenway to shop on Sun for yet another pair of shoes.. erm i am thinking of getting an Onitsuka Tiger. Saw one pair quite nice at 3 sixty @ paragon, wonder if they have better designs in Queensway.

other than shoes, i'm also thinking of getting these:

1) a mac book
2) a nokia N95 or N82
3) a PSP
4) a samsung 32 inch LCD tv
5) a canon ixus
6) W ii

hmmm.. think i am getting a bit ambitious over here.. i shall stop my list for the time being..

time to head for bed.. it's tues and i am utterly shacked... yawnz

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