Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All things greek @ NSM

Visited the National Museum with DH, Joey and Cece. Interestingly, i was terribly late. An hour in fact. Held up due to some design issues with some stuff..

The peepz reached in time and did the necessary 'research' about guided tour. Due to me being late and the next guided tour sesh for the Greek masterpieces from the Louvre was to start at 3pm, they bought a $10 (for each of us) ticket which brought us to the 'History of Singapore' gallery. It's worthwhile, you should try it if you haven't been there. The guided tour brings you to the 360 projection screen and tells you lots about history of SG which is rather different. For example, we actually have something which call be called archaeological and some inscription on a stone which till this day and date still cannot be deciphered! I was in fact, pretty impressed. The 2pm tour took more than an hour and we had to rush for the Greek guided tour.

Unfortunately, there was a timing mixed up with the guide, we ended up going for the mandarin tour instead. The mandarin speaking tour guide was very humorous and pretty cheem. Think - chinese teacher during Primary/secondary school days. His pronunciation's the perfect type lor. Anyway, we lost interest halfway coz cece and me didnt eat lunch and were famished. she said she felt like eating PS's aji ten's ikura don. Well, we did end up in Aji Ten, but she ate something else instead. After that, we eagerly headed off to Paragon for Canele once again!! Haha, this time with DH and Joey around, we were ambitious and bought 2 crepes!!! They were delish. But i must say, my fave is still the Exotique!! Yum yums!

Cakes on display @ Canele

a small cosy corner

Chic Choc - extremely sinful but absolutely delish!

Mont Blanc - pretty sour, but merged together nicely!

Check out the pics from the museum. Not bad they actually allowed no flash photography and guess what, the lightings make the shoot very nice. I was merely using my SE K800i.

ancient Greek tablet

'a lady in waiting' for Zeus supposedly

Lion's a tomb guard




another tablet

a Satyr

an athlete with discus

depiction of comedy and tragedy

Eros the love deity
aka Cupid


students' works..a bit disappointing..

impressions 1

impressions 2

the weird metallic and magnetic board where the peepz were having a little bit of fun

it's broken

now it's not!

another perspective

the exhibition will continue till march

i thought this was quite nice..

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