Monday, February 11, 2008


5 8 17 30 31 43 42

these numbers just made two people very happy today. Sighz, pity it's not me...

bought 3 sets and ended up only got 2 of the numbers out of the 3 sets i bought and *ahem* i only got one number correct for two sets. the rest of the 19 numbers didnt even come close.

i think the next time if i were to buy toto, i'd buy it either over different days if not, different timings. Noticed that everytime when you buy at one shot for quick pick, the numbers prolly appeared similar or close. Ahhh.. most would have just said it boils down to your luck and luck is something i prolly don't have but i guess strategy sometimes play a part as well.

in any case, does it mean that i can dream bigger if ever i were to strike the toto money one day?

these days, it seems like Cece and me are dreaming about what we can do if we do strike toto. The first thing we will do is to buy ourselves an air ticket each to Hokkaido and have some snowy fun, dig into some really yummy food and try out snowboarding. Thereafter, we'd prolly gonna be some apprentice of some michellin star chef and open our own gastronomical restaurant. We'd most likely submit that letter which will free us from any unhappiness for a short time and go do what we wanna do.

it's so exciting thinking and dreaming about what you can do when you have money..

guess i will have to dream on.. hmm.. i'd give it another try come this thurs (though it's only $800K) and the big ang bao money on the 21st, but i think i'd be disappointed yet again.. maybe i'd buy a quick pick everyday till the 21st, would that make me luckier? Haha.. i wonder.

anyhowz, it's back to working hard for that monthly salary which i have for the month of feb, actually spent it all. gosh, i'm terrible. i'd better start saving for the year of the rat and be extra careful with my money. else, it'd be like last year, i feel so pathetic. i need to psycho myself that i should only spend when i am overseas and not in our little island where anyone else could prolly own the thing that i bought.

even though i've not won that prized money, i'm looking forward to zipping to vietnam next month. prior to that, i think there's a trip to the zoo (pity Ah Meng passed away), a back to school party? and something lined up i guess.. a bit tired, but glad to have something to look forward to.

gotta go.. i'd be seeing more numbers tomorrow. gee, i wonder if i'd get any inspirations or more crossed eye at the end of the day... we shall see..

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