Monday, February 25, 2008

full filling weekend

the weekend that just passed was great. i managed to finally get on with my massage with Haach after many months hiatus. there were only two branches which were close to my place. though, th proximity aint exactly that close by, it was definitely nearer than Toa Payoh. i went to the one located at M Hotel and woohh.. i wished i had gone there earlier.

it was spacious, cosy, soothing and very posh. i love it! the massage was definitely better than the other branches of which most of the locations are now defunct. i though Haach was closing down soon. in any case, the massage was relaxing and i felt good immediately.

i had some time to spare and headed off to Raffles City Shopping Centre. I wanted to do two things. 1) Eye brow trimming and 2) check out Canele @ Raffles to see how cool it was before i head home and nuah to wait to meet Angie.

I called Shu Uemura and was told the time i wanted was not available. So i headed to Canele, and wow, it was huge! Definitely bigger than the one at Paragon and there was a fountain within the cafe itself. I immediately decided that even though i was alone, i had to have something there. So i went in, took a seat on the comfy, nuahable couch and checkout what to order. I had wanted very badly to try the sunny side up toast which Cece ordered the other time, then i remembered i had checked the website and was very tempted by their savory crepes. So i orderd the one with Paris Ham and Sunny side up, dressed with baby spinach and sunflower seeds with a splash of balsamic vinaigrette dressing i'm not wrong. Black pepper to taste and between the crepe was melted cheese. ooooohh.. very heavenly and very delish! I'd die happy for a moment!!

so i was half eating and half smsing cece whilst she had her catch up lessons. i told her the location of Raffle's Canele was excellent. beside it was Star three sixty where we could have got our Onitsuka Tigers (got discount for Citibank customers and lots of designs) then at the back was Bens and Jerrys ice cream parlour, and at the other end, there was strip where waxing could be done and there was a very interesting shop called apot| e cary or something like that. I msged her telling that that was how a lazy saturday afternoon should be spent. haha we agreed that we have to go there next time!

after the fulfilling lunch, i decided to go Jasons. I needed to find frozen green peas coz i wanted to make green pea soup after watching an episode of Nigella's Feast. She made this super simple and seemly delish soup, i had to try it. But alas, i never knew getting frozen green peas was so difficult!! I couldn't find it at Jasons. So i ended up taking Cece's advice and bought the canned one instead. i cooked the soup on Sunday afternoon and i must say that it turned out not bad and could be done within 15 mins, but let's just say that i think the colour from the frozen green peas would have looked a lot better. i will take pics the next time i land my hands on frozen green peas.

just nice it was 4 pm when i finished grocery shopping. i remembered the counter person at Shu Uemura mentioned that the time slot was available for eyebrow trimming, so i tried my luck and managed to have my eyebrow trimmed! It has been a long time since i last trimmed my brows...and robinsons was having 20% off toiletries! i bought a Dove Shampoo and conditioner at a very good price!

anyways, as evening went on to night, i finally got a call from Angie citing that she's back. it's been ages since we last met, gawd i so happened to bump into her at suntec and we agreed that we have to meet up. and so, from thinking of going to sushi tei at Big Splash, to some hunt in siglap, we ended up at Cafe Cartel gossiping and chatting about the latest happenings updates of the dirty laundry of a certain person. it was quite hilarious! after erm supper (?) we headed to Mustafa coz she said she wanted to get a casio watch. it was my first time in mustafa (ya, unbelievable right?) and it was quite fascinating! so big was the place and they had so many things. they even had my frozen green peas which in the end i forgot to buy. they even had ancient looking casio, wah kaoz! i was super duper amazed!! Haha, reminds me when i was a primary school kid wearing the casio metallic watch.. wah piangz.. happening sia! and we headed to the tv section. gosh! I was super tempted to get the 40 inch samsung lcd tv!!! i resisted like mad ah, coz i tot i better ask around first. i would have gotten the 32 inch, it was the cheapest i have seen thus far!!! i think i wanna head there again this weekend... somehow.

and this was just Saturday.. i was totally smashed when i got home.. wait till you hear about sunday.. haha! that's for another blog.

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