Thursday, February 21, 2008


so i can't throw in the letter and zip off to hokkaido to enjoy the crab, snow and Sapporo beer , ahh.. but that's not what i am pissed about.

to me, lottery is seriously all about luck and sometimes how accurate and focus you are at reading signs. well, there's a bit of luck for me. this is one time my ticket of 3 sets of quick picks yielded 5 winning numbers! but alas, they were all from different sets of 7 numbers. but i am feeling lucky coz mind you, it was only 3 sets of system 7 quick picks i bought yesterday. today i bought another 2 sets, not even a single number appeared. so i gather i still have chance to strike something sometime, i think maybe my money luck will change this year.

this week, work feels like an eternity even though i was away for one day.

i wonder why.

perhaps, it's because some of my interesting pals were away from office? perhaps, it was due to the never ending immense amount of work which cannot be finished, but keeps coming my way and just thinking of the deadline and stuff, i shrudder.. perhaps, i am just addicted to the weekends which always pass by too swiftly to be enjoyed fully? perhaps i am just bored and eager to do something else but can't and feeling very restless?

ahh.. i can just keep on thinking..

oh, but nothing beats dealing with super idiotic people who thinks 1) i work for them (but i was just doing them a favour) 2) calls and ask for reports and when i said to deliver the next day and start asking me silly questions as if they are interested but just trying to find out why i cannot deliver the report there and then 3) having my colleagues and i act as middle people to deliver entirely important message which needs to be communicated to the masses and just cannot send the email out to the entire distribution list.

i think i'd be killed by stabbing stares the next time if i were to see these people should they read the above. it just makes work really frustrating sometimes and i don't get it. sighz, this must be the games of the corporate world. it's a bloody waste of time.

i am yearning for my vietnam trip to come soon. just to get away and experience a different couple of days from the pretty fast paced office life.

sighz, i don't think i am going to find a date soon..


ahem, ok that's what spending too much time in the office does to me.

i go siao lor!!

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