Monday, January 21, 2008

simple pleasures..

it's only Jan..and Jan has not ended, i am completely drained...

no energy left..

looking forward to the weekends.. and they have been very fulfilling indeed and i must also say the lunches i have had when i had the time to leave office and meet friends for lunch had been fun..pathetically the only other out of office lunch i had so far after the interesting thursday luch was the other lunch which SC, T and i had on Mon. Viet food, so so only. It'd prolly be even cheaper if we had pho (viet noodle) in Viet.. i'm looking forward to that.

even weekdays were promising on certain days. had a super duper funny mambo night with a horrendous hangover the day after.

i'm up to date with my movies which is good coz watching more movies is my resolution for the year and the good thing is that i have been getting quite a number of movie vouchers!

Have watched 'Heartbreak Kid' (not the best BS show, so was kinda disappointed), 'I am LEGEND' (pretty much sucks 'cept for WS's performance. Other than that the storyline's nothing amazing), '27 Dresses' (I love this CHICK FLICK!), 'Darjeeling Limited' (subtlely funny but lengthy and seems never ending), 'Elizabeth - the Golden Age' (absolutely love the dresses which CB wore!! the show was ok only).

am now awaiting sweeny todd and CJ 7.. the former should be really dark (think sleepy hollow) and the latter absolutely hugh more rous.. eagerly awaiting both. and i just heard news that there's a free show for Jumper?? heh, feb 16 not bad eh!

also checked out this new dessert place.. i must say, the dessert's absolutely havenlicious!! a good portion to be shared with girlfriends. one plate of crepe can be shared between 3 not so hungry girlfriends and better still you can order another plate to share. initially we thought the price was rather ex, thinking it was likely to be smallish portions. but when the dessert arrived, cece and me looked at each other and we were like.. oops.. this is huge! it was only $13.90 and can be shared by 3 or 4 girls, so it's a good split and having more people means you can try more. the interior is darkishly soothing and a great rest stop after a hectic shopping day and for a little carbo perk me up before dinner. they play soft jazzy music and the counter has a varied display of tempting chocolates, cakes, macaroons, pretty meringue in pastel colours and the also serve small bites like sandwiches and standard pasta which we have not gotten a chance to try.

will upload pics next time. excellent place to hangout with girlfriends! be early coz the seats are VERY limited!!!

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