Wednesday, January 23, 2008

yesterday, a colleague of mine mentioned that 2008 doesn't exactly seem like a new year. it's like December crossing to January. meaning to say, this Jan is just like another month in a year which is pretty darn sad.

guess everyone seems to be overloaded with work? i dunno, but i sure the hell know that my tiny unit is clearing up a lot of shit. doesn't make it any better with all the hoo ha going around about the company. sighz, since when are our bonuses being announced to the public as to when the employees will get it? i foresee CNY being asked by relatives..'wah, so how har? you got good bonus or not?' or..'wah, your company quite jialatz leh, are you affected?' etc etc.. i think i'd just smile and say no comments, period.

anyway, so much about work. it's kinda depressing having to think of tons of uncompleted tasks and daily new tasks which are supposed to be done.. the thought of it just makes me i'd skip to food.

if work has been sucky for you and you work around suntec area, there maybe some nice makan available for a limited period of time..

head down to the podium at MNG/Royal sporting house area and you'd see stalls set up for the festive period. i went there after work this evening wanting to buy some thai papaya/mango salad but picked up a bowl of taiwanese 'small eat' instead.

i think the price is damn reasonable, $3 for a bowl of piping hot humongous meatball, radish soup. you can added noodles if you prefer. i added some thick glassy noodles (think transparent udon) to mine. i took sometime to reach home coz i ended up shopping at bugis.

by the time i reached home, the glassy noodles had soaked up the soup, thus there wasn't much soup left. i was a tad disappointed coz it smelt really nice and it was such a pity that there was barely any soup left.

nevertheless, i took my first bite. having endured the rather slow and somewhat long bus ride home, i started to have high expectation of this simple bowl of noodle soup. i love radish, so i tried it first. it was within my expectation. the bite size radish had soaked up all the goodness and sweetness of the soup, it was really juicy and very tasty. i love it! pity the glass noodles weren't that amazing, i thought the texture would be really different from any local noodles, but it's appearance was deceiving and it was soft like tang hoon, except it was thicker that's all.

i left the meatballs till the end. 4 huge meatballs..very generous. i was really curious how they tasted. when my teeth sunk into one, i smiled!

the meatballs were very chewy or in taiwan, they are likely to say 'Q'. Every bite has the bouncy effect and the tiny weeny almost non existence fat bits in the mixture makes it even better! the meatballs are so compact, you know that they are the real stuff when bits of meat gets stuck between your teeth. i think it's excellent. I felt full after 2 meatballs even though i had an early lunch.

oh and i thought that there could be lots of MSG in the soup coz it tasted like there was. thus far, i havent had the need to grab many glasses or should i say any glass of plain water to quench any thirst, so it's damn good!

3 bucks was definitely well spent! tomorrow i think i'd try the ma la fish ball soup for lunch. it looks fiery hot.

the stall is the one nearest to the escalator coming down from the second floor and they serve a couple of taiwanese small eats. should try it out since there isn't really many cheap and good food around the area!!

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