Friday, January 11, 2008

feeling lazy, in a mood to grouse

been feeling rather lazy lately.

lazy to log in to facebook coz it has become somewhat boring.

lazy to blog, lazy to watch TV program, lazy to MSN..

aiyah, just plain lazy.

i think the only perk for the week was having to arrange what seemed like probably not going to happen lunch sesh with a most interesting person. we planned to meet for lunch over last week, till mon, then tues and weds and finally, the sesh happened on Thurs. it was well worth it! great jap food, funny conversations, laughter.. i had a good time. guess the other perk of the week is meeting cece on Sun for a movie.

i was inspired to blog today by this sentence i read in a forum.

true friends don't forward chain mails.

i am a firm believer of the above sentence.

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