Sunday, December 30, 2007

it's been a long time..

was supposed to finish this blog this afternoon, but i have been lazy.

time flies.. it's the 2nd last day of the year already. the peepz are nomads this year end as we haven't exactly thought of where to go and what to do. but we're prolly gonna be near where the fireworks is. it has become kinda like a tradition.

2007 has been a great year!

this is the year where i had travelled to many places and still cannot get enough of it.

started off with Genting to watch F1, then Bali, then Spain, then Bangkok it was great and i hope to travel to more places next year.

made many new friends and found many old friends...

the thing about friendship is that, it takes the longest time to build a strong foundation and just a second to destroy it. when it comes to human relations, it's never easy to predict. but i am glad that strong bonds have been built between a couple of us and i hope it will last for many years to come.

i never have the notion of best friends for the longest time since primary school days i think. i must admit i am unlikely to subscribe to that frame of thought anytime soon as well. time has spoken that best friends are usually the ones who betray you. i am happy just to have a few close pals whom i know will always be there when i need them and i am happy to be there when they need me. These are the greatest people, you don't need to tag them to be best friends, but mutually, we know we are bound together by some kind of bonds which does not require tagging just to hang on to them.

letting go..

i did that this year.. finally. never easy, lots of struggle. but it kinda gets easier as years go by. i'm happy and it's freedom to me. i no longer revolve my life around him and i decided never to do that to any guys unless he's really worth it. not that this person wasn't, but i wish he'd be more appreciative. oh wellz, the truth is out and i am glad.

booze and still more booze.

the countdown to the 10 year friendship was really cool. we meet up so often that i just feel kinda lost without this group of people. i look forward to celebrate another 10 years with you guys. can't imagine how we are going to be like when we hit the big 40s!? wonder if we will still be as crazy as now.

the year also started off with some good sporting session which fizzled towards mid year. nevertheless, i jogged once, played badminton and had some mud kicking good time during frisbee..

2008 - my resolutions in no order

1) to do things there and then and not procrastinate. be less lazy i hope.

2) eat wisely and stay healthy. i have given up saying that i want to lose weight every year, so i think this will be so much easier to adhere to.

3) do some sports or take up some lessons. Salsa? Yoga? Spanish? hmm what have yous.. just need to do something.

4) be off debt. spend within means and have some savings.

5) less booze? actually i am getting a tad sleepy these days drinking... haha, kinda boring. maybe i should learn some drinks recipes that will be fun!

6) keep in touch with all friends.

7) hope to work less and play more.. haha..which i think is rather not possible

8) travel more to even more places!

9) settle down my heart and find that particular someone :)

10) find new makan places and share it with my greatest pals!

11) watch more movies, read more books and start hitting the newspapers!!

12) spend more time with my family.

ok, it's a long list. i hope to keep to it. usually, no plans work more for me than having plans, but sometimes i still need some plans. oh whatever, we'll see what the new year brings.

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