Tuesday, December 04, 2007

better blog

decided to post a post for the sake of posting, just in case due to the long absence, my precious blog gets deleted.

been absolutely busy with Facebook. As JS and DH put it, you sure have to put loads of time into it.

yeah, with the virtual unlimited credit limit to buy bags, drinks, gifts, scrabble, hugs, kisses, quizzes, and what-have-yous, there basically is no end to it and thus, the majority of my time spent there. but the best thing about FB, you can really find many people there. i just found many of my primary school friends and most of all my best friends in FB, it was like OMG!! and we started sending each other emails to catch up! It was quite exciting. it's quite a good tool for events organizing as well. it's quite useful in many ways.

i just started a project, and i am quite excited with what the final outcome would be. just need to master some teeny weeny details and it's prolly ready to fly...

okie, it's getting quite late and i need to zonk.

oh and YM if you do read ts blog, we hope that you enjoyed the whole evening! you look damn chio lor!! Hehe :)

And ann...i think i want to get a Canon ixus ah!!!!! heheeh..:) Yeah canon is Zeeee BEST!! thanks for letting me use the cam to the fullest!!

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