Tuesday, November 20, 2007

que pasa

'que pasa' supposedly means 'what's up' in spanish...yeah, so what's been happening to me recently?

okie, so my travelogue has sorta come to a standstill.. apologies if you are eagerly awaiting more updates. i was trying to figure how to show the most pics without having to put up too many 'rock you' slide shows and jamming the download of my blog. thus far, i haven't been successful, and so, the lag. but also, work has been busy and i have been constantly tired. i've got a bit of social life of late too. Nope, not that special someone, just spending time with the babes and dudes catching movies and devouring more cockles. haa~ simple as it is, life's quite fun and of coz hitting the occasional weds mambo night @ zouk with couple of new cheong peepz.

facebook has kept me busy too lately. i managed to find quite a few of my secondary and primary school mates and i am really ecstatic! to think that it has been almost 2 decades i have not met some of them and remembering the good ole times...some memories just never fade. i met Geraldine, Adelene and Julie. We've been friends since P1 and Geraldine just put up a pic of us in P1 or 2, wah lauz, nearly fainted!! Looking at my tomboy hairstyle and weird school uniform, i really wanted to laugh. hmm..not gonna post it here, if you are on my FB, i think you can see. those were the days!

lately, i have also finally managed to let go of someone. it was on his one drunken night in MSN where we chatted. it's really the right time and right moment. place didn't exactly matter as long the other two were met i guess. so, we chatted and i'm happy. finally, i knew and was able to accept what i had wanted him to tell me for the longest time. just disappointed that it was my dedication to work which made me lose out. sighz, i tried to defend myself, but thinking back, yeah..sometimes i did put work before anything but that's just coz i wasn't sure if there was any sincerity. no regrets though, least he said i was super sweet and i am happy with that! i guess it was always a dream to ultimately end up with him. yet, there was a reality which quite obviously will never happen. i'm happy to see him smiling widely with someone beside him, pity i am not the one though. but i'm happy to trade that with his genuine happy smile.

work has been the busiest, i'm swamped! shan't talk much least i have more complains.

talking about complains, i have major complains about the MRT!! just gets on my nerves..I HATE TAKING THE MRT!!!

and shopping, yeah darn.. i'm still doing that. I just got Nicole to help me get that big coach bag and now i am a few hundred dollars poorer..

sighz...someone teach me the virtue of saving!!!!!

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