Sunday, October 28, 2007

mid to end week fun

been mia-ed for such a long time. 2 weeks at least i guess? still haven't completed my spain travelogue, i am so darn slack.

can't exactly remembered what i did last week. for the week that's just gonna pass, it was quite happening.

my granny was admitted to hospital on tues i think. she was sick since last week. i think it's a mentality kind of thing, she was slightly sick the week before and was brought to a clinic @ telok blangah. The doc there supposedly told her that she has all sorts of illness, which i thought was uncalled for - to tell an 80 over year old patient what kind of illnesses she has. didn't all tv dramas or movies always show that the docs will always tell the family members instead of the patient herself?

my granny became worried and almost immediately fell even sicker thereafter. her condition worsened last Sunday night and we thought she was gonna be gone. thankfully, she was ok. but my aunt and dad subsequently admitted her to the hospital on Tues as her condition didn't seem to improve.

she's still in the hospital today, i heard from my mom that her condition worsen yesterday. just when i thought she could go back home. she was ok when i visited her on Friday. keeping fingers crossed and hope she's gonna get better.

* * *

went mambo on weds coz COLD jioed and it was quite mad. drank a couple but i guess if it wasn't the e33, prolly wouldn't have gone high. JJ recommended the bailey's green tea, it tasted like diluted milk!! was kinda disappointed. madness was when ann bought LIT...everyone complained but still drank the potent solution. i tried to siam that as much as possible coz the next day was a work day.

met lots of peepz there. saw my secondary school friend Amy and her group of friends. saw peepz from office as well and was surprised that Gail went too! bumped into Ivy and Lydia. saw the dudes too. haha they are still as happening as ever.

didn't dance a lot coz i think i wasn't high enough, either that if not, too old for dancing. or was more entertained watching the platform peepz doing the standard dance routine. nevertheless, we hung out till like 3am plus. sheesh, time just sped pass like that. guess if this is done occasionally, it's still all right. i am pretty sure i'm too old for all these, preferring to just sit down and chill with the gang.

which was what we did on Friday night.

we met up for humming. err humming means go newton to eat hum (aka cockles) by the way. from weds till fri we didn't know where we wanted to go after humming, in fact we nearly changed the humming location to another place. in the end, we stuck to it and was like a good choice.

dinner was yums and delish! we had beer @ newton, stingray, carrot cake, hokkien prawn mee, satay and the hums were so BLOODY good that we ordered two medium plates. dessert was excellent!

we decided thereafter to proceed to wine company @ Evans. had the lychee wine and ann came to meet us there. had more food, cheese platter, fried platter and tiramisu.

by the way, try this combination if you order the cheese platter next time and tell me if it tastes like cheng teng.

spread the prune jam (if i am not wrong) on the biscuit, eat the smoked cheese and let the flavour fill your mouth. thereafter, eat the biscuit with the prune jam. i thought the combi really taste like cheng teng. haha!

anyway, i think we spoke about the weirdest thing when were there... really weird i tell ya. think i'd not blog it here in case i spoil your appetites.

thereafter, we even proceeded to Mr Prata to have more drinks and talks. think we are becoming 'camels' of some sort. drink so much.

looking forward to next week coz a friend's coming back!

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