Wednesday, October 17, 2007

a decade of friendship

digressing a bit from my Spain trip which seems i might never complete, but hey, just give me sometime. Cuenca is a place full of beautiful memories and i wanna take my time to put up the best. but before that, we had our 10 years celebration finally last friday @ ICB and Cafe Iguana.

i havent drank so much for a long time, but it was definitely fun. though the hangover the next day wasn't exactly what i had wanted. in any case, the last thing i knew was asking who was gonna send me back home and got a ride from COLD and CP helped me home. i was quite wasted actually.

surprisingly, no tears, but i heard i kept laughing.

*PPPzzzzztttt AC (if you do read my blog though i think you don't), you asked me the other time what happens when i am drunk, hmm..think now i can tell you that i just keep laughing and it's not coz of what you think it was.

anyway peepz, another slide show of that awesome night. pity my hands didn't seem very stable and i was using my camera phone. i think i was high pretty early! haha.

enjoy and cheers to more 10 years to come! Love you all! Muakz!

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