Tuesday, October 02, 2007

ibiza part 2 - a date with the green fairy?

battling a half runny and half blocked nose to post this entry. i was still suffering from jetlag until yesterday. thank goodness it's gone liao and i believe my sleep has returned to normal. what's good in fact is that for these two days, i've been turning up earlier than usual for work. i've been reaching office before 9am! what a feat!

anyway, let me continue. we didn't have the most delish meal that night, but it was prolly the cheapest. we took our time with dinner, and we were soon excited to try the Absinthe given the fact that partying out was gonna cost us our shopping money. so we made ourselves comfy in the apartment.
bolognese flavored pasta with mock beef made of soybean

a simple cold salad. i think we added the cheese from the flight?

the cream base pasta.. not bad but not too much

would drinking this brings us closer to meeting the legendary green fairy?

a slice of cheesy filling, slightly burnt caramel topping pie which we didn't finish

None of us had tried it before, erm that was what we all thought prior to drinking it. the truth is, one of us had actually drank it before and she's the most unlikely suspect. haa! shall leave you guys to guess who. it's not difficult.

one of the main obstacle was how to get the liquid out of the bottle. we ended up using cece's swiss army knife and managed to get the green absinthe flowing (at irregular speed) out of the bottle. and we wanted to drink it the right way, so we even bought sugar cubes (we saw how Anthony Bourdain drank it in one of the episodes of 'No Reservations') the most expensive sugar cubes ever! 5 Es for a small box of raw sugar cubes coz we couldn't find the white ones and which we never brought back to SG and left it in Barcelona.

nope, absinthe's not coming out

ahh.. success finally!!

anyway, the smell was quite a turn off. it's hardly foul, but you know it's unpleasant. it has a mixture of minty and the expert (the one who drank it before) couldn't have described it better. she said it smelt and tasted like 'Hacks' (you know that sweet which used to sell like 4 for 20 cents and comes in grape, orange and the original black yucky flavor?)

i guess our brains were drilled to recognize that this drink is not one you can 'dry' in one mouthful. so we merely sipped the drink and sheesh, check out our expressions and you'd know how bad it was.

jenn making sure that the sugar was thoroughly mixed with the absinthe

jenn: eeeee...heng chuo leh!!
(translate: eeee...very smelly!!)


cece trying siam..

faking a sip...


my turn to drink

eyes closed coz it's damn stinko...yikes!

k..i know i made it look like it's so normal, but it's not! hah

mich drinking and jenn watching..

jenn wonders if mich's seh already??

mich: no way, i finished that sip!

in the end, we all survived. i don't think anyone of us met the green fairy coz prolly we didn't even finish that little bit we poured for each other. seriously, the sugar doesn't really make a difference, but i guess we prolly felt better adding it? haha..

group pic with unfinished absinthe and a view of our apartment

and we stayed awake or try to stay awake till dawn so that we won't oversleep and missed the ferry ride back to valencia where the next part of our adventure continues.

by the way, there was still half a bottle of absinthe left and we had to lug it all through our trip..

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