Sunday, September 30, 2007

ibiza - a road less travelled

Day 4 - Ibiza Part I

we kinda woke up early to catch the thomas the train ride about ibiza. most people would have headed off to the clubs or the beaches to chill, but we didn't. one reason being our apartment isn't really near all the beach clubs nor the chill out places, we were staying at the other side of town.

view from our apartment

cece and me on thomas the train

that's the train

the ride took us to a couple of places. it's about 12 Es or was it lesser? can't remember. anyway, it took us to a couple of beaches, of which one was for nude people. we also visited a chapel, went by a cafe which Bob Dylan supposedly hung out. we also passed by Richard Gere's ibiza home and a museum which showed how olive oil was made in the olden days. it was an interesting ride, i doubt anyone had taken this ride when they visited ibiza.

interestingly, we found out that actually ibiza has many fig tree plantations, but were abandoned and instead of harvesting from these plantations, they import figs!!?

most of the passengers were ang mo ah peks and ah mas and were quite sarcastic, we were prolly one of the youngest people in the train, there were another couple who were prolly in their twenties and were younger than us and our funny guide has a weird fascination with fennel plants which grows freely and everywhere in ibiza.

fig tree

a coffee joint which bob dylan supposedly hung out, so said our guide

a museum of how olive oil is made in the olden days

supposedly Richard Gere's ibiza house

cece and me in one of the beaches

after the ride, we headed back to the apartment and headed to the city to check out the clubs. Space was supposed to be damn happening, but it's F expensive!! the entry fee was like 60 Es with one free drink? we decided to forgo going in coz of the price and headed off to have lunch at this Zenish restaurant which pumps out clubbing music. darn.. if it wasn't so expensive to go in.

the happening club known as 'SPACE'

salad for lunch

add in a chicken burger

as well as tomatoes, mozzarella and cured ham baguette

after we had our tummy filled, we went to the beach to try and get some tan and a short dip in the sea. not the most exciting ibiza travelog i guess, but oh wells, perhaps when we have more money to spare next time we'd head to the clubs.

jenny and me taking a dip in the Mediterranean sea

and who's the darkest after the tan?

stay tuned to what we did after the beach outing, when we headed off back to our apartment. we bought instant pasta to cook for dinner and some dessert.

hint hint: we were going to meet the green fairy that night.. hah!

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