Thursday, October 04, 2007

back to valencia

We reached the ibiza port pretty early to catch our ride back to valencia. Caught this sunrise shot as there was quite sometime to spare.

sunrise at the ibiza port

we had only about a day in valencia and we tried to make full use it. poor jenn was close to losing her voice by then after the absinthe night.

valencia is a city with loads to offer. pity we only had one day. we checked in to Home Youth Hostel. It's the typical youth hostel, just that it's pretty and clean. not too bad for like 74 Es for 4 peepz. there's no aircon, we managed to book into a room for four, no sharing and stuff. so we stayed in one room for the night.

our room for the night

group pic at the hostel 'mingling area'

cool drawing on the hostel guestbook

first thing we did after settling down was to look for cheap and tummy filling meals. The hostel has loads of brochure and a huge map of the city print on their table. so after taking a brochure which offers like was it 8.5 Es buffet, we totally decided that we need to go there. asked for directions before leaving the hostel and headed off with cece's and mich's super map reading skills.

we managed to find the restaurant after sometime and were actually confused about how Spaniards eat their buffet. finally, we figured. you can only get the stuff from the salad table once. after topping your plate with the greens, beans and what have yous, you pay for your buffet and your drink. then you find your table and head off to the other section of the buffet which serves the soups, mains, coffee and dessert. for these, you can take as many times as you like and they don't charge by how much leftover you have on your plate. which was good coz we thought initially the buffet was only for salad and we topped the plate up like crazy!!

the salad

the mains

after lunch, we took a walk about town as we were too full and needed to exercise a bit. we saw many familiar shops. zara, mango and jenn also told us about H&M and how wonderful it is. we only managed to concur zara and mango, never got to H&M. we also we off to their shoe shops and they were many shoes on sale. i didn't get any stuff actually, resisted coz i wanted to leave shopping till madrid where we'd have more days and lesser days to lug those new stuff around. i must say it was a tough feat, but i managed to succumb to temptations. haha which was cool. more money for later shopping.

citibank @ valencia

we didn't go for dinner that night coz we were still rather full. by then, jenn's throat was getting worse and we needed to check if we could buy the train tickets to cuenca the next morning via the net. so we checked with the recept, and we had loads of problem getting the train tickets online. we finally gave up and jenn, cece and me went to the train station to check out the tickets.

pic of the train station

jenn and cece after our walk to the train station

it was late and we were rather tired. the train station was about 10 to 15 mins walk from the hostel, fortunately. unfortunately, when we reached the station, we were told by the info counter that we can only buy the tickets tomorrow morning. we were worried that we would not be able to get any tickets, but the uncle at the info counter confirmed that there will be tickets. we decided not to leave things to chance and will wake up early to head to the train staton to make sure that we get our tickets to cuenca and headed back to find mich who was having drinks/dinner with a new found friend from Turkey.

we were heading off to radiocity (supposed to be a happening club and we got a free drink coupon from the hostel people) when jenn decided that she better head back to rest. we walked for sometime before finding radiocity and when we reached the 'club' we were told the crowd only arrives at 1am. we did a night walk about town when i was starting to have a pounding headache and needed to get some rest. we got lost as we tried to walk back, hmm.. let's just say a professor may not be good with directions as with the subject he teaches?

night shot of the plaza square in Valencia

anyway, when cece and me finally reached our hostel, we went to grab some makan coz we were famished by all the walking. got to try the calamaries and other stuff. we over bought actually, but they taste damn shiok!

thereafter, it was shower, sleep and getting ready to head to the train station and to our next stop, Cuenca where we'd prolly have our craziest and wildest night ever in Spain and i believe we truly miss that night entirely throughout our trip...

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