Saturday, September 15, 2007

day 3 in spain

today is day 3 and we went to this mountain monastary call the montserrat. it's supposed to be famous for their young boys choir.

our intention was to wake up this morning at 8.30am and set off at 9am so that we'd have ample time to journey to the destination. but we all know as with all travelling plans, they get er
m 'distorted' along the way? so we were late and arrived about 11 ish at the station to take the cable car (think they are known as 'teri' in spanish. the choir was supposed to start singing at 1pm and we thought we were going to be late. but somehow, yet again, we managed to make it in time.

as with all famous structures in spain, this building also took our breath away. first, it's located so darn high in the
mountains and you start wondering how this structure ever got built there? then came the intricate carvings, mosaics, stained glass details in the building itself. it gets more and more amazing as you continue along the way. anything you see in singapore is nothing comparable to what you see here!

there happened to be a wedding ceremony in the building as well, so weird to have so many tourist attend your wedding.

catching the train to montserrat

me and cece in the train to montserrat

can you spot the monastery?

inside the monastery

we had a picnic in the mountains with wine and pate. NICE! and we saw a super huge dog there!

our ingredients for DIY super HUGE sandwiches!

lentil sprouts tastes the best! better than tao gey!!

the super huge dog, french by the way..

the 'hills' are alive!

view of the monastery from another angle

we then went to a la menta @ port olympic to have dinner. we had an excellent sample meal (degustation*) at this restaurant at a super good price of 15 euros. cheap and nice plus dinner was by the sea with many yatchs and super cute waiter! damn happening and entertaining.

steamed mussels - delish!

seafood paella

spanish version of char bee hoon. i like!!

grilled fish

peach liquor -sweet and oh so nice!

tomorrow we are off to valencia to head to ibiza, hope everything will go well though..

*degustation: Check out for degustation meals in restaurants. they offer starters, mains and comes with dessert, wine and coffee (something like a set meal). it's great bargain and
you'd definitely eat till your fill. we couldn't finish our paellas in the restaurant. too full!! the degustation meals we had ranged from 15 Es to 25 Es, seems pricey but definitely more worthwhile than ordering ala carte. but do read the Ts and Cs before ordering and make sure you communicate what you want exactly to the waiter least they place the more expensive menu as your order. it happened to us once when we were in cuenca. by the way, bread are being served almost all the time. take note that at some places, the bread can cost about 1 E for each person, sometimes, they are free. do read the fine prints!

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