Sunday, September 30, 2007

back and adjusting

back from spain like two or should i say three days back. day one was spent adjusting back to normal sg hours, but wasn't exactly successful.

touched down on thurs morning, reached home about 9 ish if not 10am. showered, gave my parents their gifts from spain, checked my emails and fell asleep. slept till 7 ish and had dinner. stayed up till late and then went to bed about 3 ish. woke up fri morning and msged SK and DH thereafter fell asleep again at 11ish. slept till 4 ish.

i kinda slept the hours away for the 2 days. thank goodness i am only going back to work on Monday.

met a couple of the gang for ktv and then dinner at newton. we missed the cockles and desperately needed a fix for it. been talking about it since we were in spain. hah, and we got our fix today. had beer at newton before heading to the Tan's SK chalet for more alcohol and pics viewing.

stayed on till like 4am. now back home, sleepless (think body clock is still following spanish time) and blogging.

it's great to be back meeting the gang and all. CK was sharing his pics on his trip to the States. we shared our greatest moments pics and clips from spain. i'd try to upload as much as possible. 2000 over shots, no kidding peepz, and it's just from my two cameras. the girls had other pics as well. thus far, in mich's hard disk, there's like already 14GBs?!? and of coz, i'd blog about the trip, it's awesome, memorable and we had our 'somehow we managed' moments.

stay tuned and keep checking.

hasta luego in the meantime =)

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