Friday, September 14, 2007

Blogging from Spain


I wonder if anyone would thought that i'd be blogging from Spain. So i am. It's only 2 days but there's so many things to talk about. And yes, the girls are having loads of fun!

anyway i just have to blog this for myself. today i did the worst thing a photographer could have done. i forgot to bring an extra backup battery and a memory card. i'd really could so kill myself for that! but heng i got a handy sony ericsson phone, else,'s darn silly actually it could be a nightmare come true!

ok, so back to the trip and what we have done. won´t be uploading any pics yet, that will prolly happen when i'm back home.

the 16 hour plane ride was hell. no leg space, quite crampy. i thought i might get the economy disease (don't know what's the actual name) anyway, it was terrible. had problem sleeping and also had problem making ourselves comfy. quite torturous actually.

on flight candid shot

day 1

and we finally reached milan airport at 4am in the morning, had an hour or so to spare, we rackey(ed) the transit lounge. we awaited the dfs to open to check out what they had inside and gee, the HAVE loads of wonderful stuff! and we sneak a pic of the bottles of 'green fairies' and contemplated buying one to spain coz it was darn F cheap!!! they also had this interesting alcoholic coffee spritzer which was really pretty, like a bottle of perfume! we so wanted to get that too. in the end we didn't. coz we couldnt bring it up the plane.

absinthe on the shelves

when in the plane, we had more food. piangz, i felt like a pig, coz was eating and eating.

within an hour or slightly more so, we reached spainish grounds. there was a slight logistic problem, but thanks to the ever resourceful cece, we managed to find our way to hostal goya. our place of stay for the next 3 nights.

jenny n me in plaza catalunya

as usual, there was a tad of problem looking for the place, but we managed to find it. the area we stayed in is great. everyone should stay here if they want to stay in spain. the location is central and have all the great shopping. have yet to venture into the main stores which we wanna go eg, LOEWE and Massimo Dutti, but we went to many though we didnt exactly bought anything. but we spent 60 euros on groceries. can you all beat that?? will show everyone what we got, but it sure was an adventure! especially buying the cured ham part. haha.

hostal goya

we went to the gaudi structures which were around our area and we had the funniest time taking pics. it's either the wrong season though the temperature's pretty cool, but the leaves have yet to fall from the trees, making it rather difficult to capture the buildings without being blocked. we had to sit on floor, etc just to capture some moderately nice shots. but we managed and was quite hilarious! pics when back.

casa baltothe girls and i in front of casa balto

la pedrera

we got high on sangria. cece and jenny were not walking straight and were darn funny!! should have recorded it down!!!

day 2

we went to another gaudi structure.

la sagrada familia.

THIS IS A MUST SEE FOR ALL who are going to visit spain. it´s such a magnificient structure that you'd prolly wonder if you are really there looking at it. really an achitectural wonder and it's darn beautiful! we spent like one third of the day there. be prepared to bring tons of memory cards and batteries or good photo equipment when you are there. it's really fantastic! I've never in my life seen such an awesome structure. it's so surreal for all of us.

we had our first paella and spainish beer and pizza. GOOD FOOD! they had english menu but the waiters don't speak english. well, we still managed somehow...

we went to park guey as well. woah...damn nice too!

gaudi is such a genius!!

and we went to the flamenco dinner. food was so so, but the dancing was passionate and you can feel the dancers' strength, speed and they put all they have into their dance. got the feel sia! and by the way, the stamping of the feet resembles the sound of clapping. see already really very shiok!! damn good lor!

*psssstttt....MNG is indeed slightly cheaper here. saw zara but haven´t gone in yet. camper not very cheap leh and got many many yan dao guys walking down the streets everyday and night! Haha, my eyes got eye bags already!!*

hmm..really quite hard to type everything out, so you all got to see the pics. damn tired liao. going to shower and zzz...tomorrow we going on cable car to the moseratz or something.. can't remember see what again.. aiyah, tomorrow then let you all know.


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